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Here is a list of Free BlackBerry Apps “Must Have” and their Download Links

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Whether you have just purchased your BlackBerry or already have one, you will find this list of Top Free Apps very useful for your BlackBerry Smartphone.

You may click on the link to bring you to the download page of each applications. This is to make sure that you are getting the latest version of the app. For those that says OTA (Over The Air), it is a direct download link.

Remember to bookmark this page before you start downloading, so that you can return to this page to download the next desired applications. To Bookmark: Click Menu BB, Choose Add Bookmark

Untuk yang barusan beli Blackberry, ganti Blackberry yang baru dan perlu reinstall semua apps, ini list Top Best Free Blackberry Apps dari Silakan browse dan download sesuai dengan kepentingan anda.

Sebelum anda mulai klik download, pastikan anda bookmark halaman ini dulu, biar bisa kembali ke halaman ini untuk download apps berikutnya. Cara Bookmark, klik menu BB, pilih “Add Bookmark”

Here are the top Must Have BlackBerry Apps

  1. BerryIndo Launcher to get updated Blackberry News Download OTA Launcher with Notifications= for OS4.6 Launcher standard:
  2. BlackBerry Messenger, the latest version Download at Blackberry Official Website Direct Download Page
  3. BlackBerry AppWorld suitable for Indonesia! For installing Apps from, Download at Blackberry Official Website Direct Download Page
  4. Facebook for Blackberry social network download OTA latest version at Facebook Blackberry Official Website Direct Download Page & join BerryIndo fan in facebook at get BlackBerry updates via Facebook
  5. Facebook Chat choice of third party applications for Chat Facebook, choose at Facebook Chat Apps
  6. UberSocial for BlackBerry, post Tweets from Blackberry Download OTA see example of Twitter @BerryIndo:
  7. Foursquare for BlackBerry, share locations with friends, twitter & facebook, download Foursquare for BlackBerry and see example and add Foursquare BerryIndo
  8. WhatsApp for BlackBerry, chat dengan user iPhone, Android dan Smartphones lainnya, download versi terbaru di WhatspApp for BlackBerry
  9. Find your location & your friends in the world map Download = Google Maps
  10. Take a screen capture of your BlackBerry device, resize picture with CaptureIt, Download OTA and read more on CaptureIt for BlackBerry
  11. Get your latest world news from CNN, download CNN mobile for BlackBerry = CNN mobile
  12. Read RSS news from Viigo RSS Reader for BlackBerry Download = Viig o
  13. Berry Torch 1.0 Turn your BlackBerry into a handy Torch! Download OTA
  14. Unit Converter for all that needs to be converted Download OTA Berry Unit Converter
  15. Currency Converter, coverts 150 currencies Read more or Download OTA
  16. Translator, Translate almost all languages from your BlackBerry, Download OTA BBTRan 1.5
  17. NavitaTranslator, use as Dictionary or as translator  Download OTA
  18. Simple NotePad for BlackBerry, BBNotePad = Download
  19. Camera Mute - silent / mute your Blackberry Camera
  20. QuickPull, download free at website
  21. Log Maid Memory Cleaner for maintaining blackberry, cleans memory, Download OTA
  22. Data BackUp for Blackberry to memory card, Download OTA
  23. Yahoo Messenger »”>Yahoo Messenger for Blackberry Official Download Page
  24. MSN Live Messenger for Blackberry Official Download Page
  25. Google GTalk for Blackberry Official Download Page
  26. Scientific Calculator for BlackBerry
  27. Second Tab, add a second tab for your default browser if you are still using OS4-5
  28. BloomBerg Mobile, yang berinvestasi, sangat berguna untuk, download Bloomberg Mobile
  29. WordPress for BlackBerry for those that blogs or manage websites with WordPress

Third Party Browser for BlackBerry

Browser standard BlackBerry yang biasanya di sebutkan sebagai native browser BlackBerry tidak mempunyai fitur yang memuaskan apalagi browser sebelum OS6 (webkit browser). Berikut adalah 2 pilihab third party browser yang anda bisa instal ke BlackBerry anda Gratis untuk menikmati fitur yang lebih lengkap.

NB: Pada saat web maintenance mobile web BerryIndo, dimana anda tidak bisa browsing web/forum BerryIndo, anda bisa gunakan third party browser untuk browse secara lancar.

1. Read & Download Bolt Browser for BlackBerry (Discontinue)

2. Read & Download Opera Mini Browser for BlackBerry

BlackBerry Wallpaper

If you are in Medan, here are 4 must have Launchers: (launchers 10-20kb)


  1. Medan Talk - Talk of The Town Dapatkan Berita Cerita Medan terbaru Download Launcher OTA:
  2. MedanKu Travel & Living Guides Download Launcher OTA:
  3. Macan Supermarket promotions Download Launcher OTA:
  4. Card Connection International Discounts Download Launcher OTA

What is a Launcher ?

They are very small shortcut icon that appears in your blackberry to launch to your favorite websites.

Top Aplikasi Blackberry Lokal Indonesia

  1. Domikado Finance Index Currency Information
  2. GempaLoka – Indonesia Earthquake Information
  3. Foyage Directory Indonesia
  4. Alkitab Bible Indonesia
  5. 21 Cineplex Cinema Bioskop Indonesia Launcher
  6. Love Indonesia Apps

MUST Have Paid Apps / Aplikasi Penting Berbayar:

Best Sellers!

Now you can Buy via BerryIndo in Rupiah transfer via BCA

** Fancy Characters (insert symbols, emoticons, picticons and special characters in chat/sms/email and more. Read more on Fancy Character & How to Download. BerryIndo is Official Reseller of Fancy Characters for BlackBerry

** BeejiveIM Instant Messaging + Facebook Chat Apps for BlackBerry, read more and download at BeejiveIM for BlackBerry

** SMS Blocker for BlackBerry, sekarang sering menerima Spam SMS minta pulsa? Gunakan SMS Blocker for BlackBerry Indonesia

** Tiny Controller for BlackBerry, buat yang suka BBM/Chat/SMS via desktop PC/Mac, biar boss tidak tau Anda lagi main BlackBerry Anda? Gunakan Tiny Controller for BlackBerry

** BerryBuzz LED customized LED notifications for BlackBerry, read more and download at BerryBuzz

** Control BBanel control panel for Blackberry status, memory, battery, apps and delete temp memory, read more on ControlBBanel

** iLock password lock media folders, pictures, videos, BBM, other applications and other folders, download trial and read more on AppLock for BlackBerry

** AutoText BackUp for BlackBerry, mulai os6, desktop manager tidak bisa backup autotext secara sempurna, perlunya aplikasi Autotext backup untuk backup semua autotext ke memory card dan restore kembali, baca AutoText BackUp for BlackBerry

** Documents to Go read/write/edit PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint files in BlackBerry, read more DocToGo

**Aerize Card Loader save applications ke memory card dan tidak ke applications memory yang sering jadi LOW, solusi BlackBerry lemot karena applications memory low read more about Aerize Card Loader


For others and the latest applications not listed here, browse category Blackberry Applications or search using the search box in top right corner of this website

Untuk aplikasi lainnya dan release terbaru, silakan browse category Blackberry Applications atau cari dengan ketik di search box diatas kanan dan klik CARI.

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