How to Delete Uninstall Applications

How to Delete Uninstall Blackberry Applications

When we first got a Blackberry, all we do is install any new applications that we find online.

Then we finally realized that all our application memory are used up. This is especially true for the Blackberry Bold 9000 where application memory is very limited. When the application memory gets used up, our Blackberry will slow down and sometime hang!

Sometimes we also find new Applications that we installed have conflict with other Applications and caused error.

Some users find that their Blackberry Messenger icon cannot be clicked to launch the messenger. The application is still there but they just can’t launch it to access the messenger. Even with reinstallation, the error will not go away. The only solution is to delete it then reinstall a clean app.

Now we need to do some maintainance and delete some of the big applications that used up memory.

Many new users do not know how to do this, so here’s the way:

Open the Options menu
Then Advance Options (skip this for OS5)
Go to Applications

Find the application which uses high memory or find Blackberry Messenger or other applications that you feel caused the conflict error to delete if you have issues with them

Click delete,
After delete, do a reboot / restart

Then reinstall the application you desired

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