Mastro Bolletta Money Manager

Mastro Bolletta v2.0.0 Money Manager for Blackberry

Mastro Bolletta for BlackBerry, your personal assistant for Payments and Expenses, allows you to easily and thoroughly manage personal payments and expenses directly on your smartphone, at any time and anywhere, without needing an Internet connection.

The basic functionality offered by Mastro Bolletta is the recording of expenses. The application provides a flexible mechanism for classification of expenditure, based on categories and sub categories.

In addition to pre defined categories and sub categories, you can add your own as you wish. Beneficiaries of the payments are configurable directly from the user interface of Mastro Bolletta.

In all the functions which contain a list of expenses you can export to CSV format the list itself. Obtained file can be saved on the device (in the main memory or on SD card) or sent by mail.

Mastro Bolletta uses the standard mechanism for synchronizing data between BlackBerry and Desktop Manager.

Through it you can export information stored on the device and save them on your computer (backup); conversely, you can reload saved information and restore your device (restore).

Recording of payments and expenses

Flexible mechanism for classification of expenditure, based on categories and sub categories

Creating a task for each expense recorded

Advanced search of the expenses saved

View expiring expenses in one, two or three months with total costs to be paid

View of expenses hystory paid by month, category and payee, displayed as a table or chart

Minimum requirements:
Operating System
4.3, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7 Touch Screen

Free Download

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