ReForm XT Web-based Mobile Form Builder

ReForm XT 1.0.0 for Blackberry

ReForm XT is a Web-based Mobile Form Builder for non-technical users.

Register for an account directly from your BlackBerry. Simply select the menu item labeled “ReForm XT” then select the “Register” option.

After submitting the information, your account will be automatically created. You will receive your User ID and Password via email.

Your account gives you access to create your own custom forms at

ReForm your business by using your BlackBerry to gather information electronically – getting rid of those paper forms once and for all.

Virtually any paper form can be replaced, including Route Delivery, QA Reports, Inspections, Surveys, Checklists, Time Attendance, and many others.

Forms are built via the powerful Web-based form builder and downloaded to your BlackBerry over the air.

ReForm XT includes a wide variety of question types, allowing you to Capture Date Time, Rank Rate Items, Scan Barcodes, Capture Contact Information, Enter Text, etc.

You can increase the power of your forms by asking follow-up questions based on previous answers.

Form data is uploaded over the air (data plan required) to a secure server. Results can be viewed as HTML reports or downloaded as a spreadsheet.

Automated emails can be sent based on form submission with ReFormXT’s notification function.

ReForm your business today and free yourself from paper. More information can be found at 30 day free trial – no credit card needed.

Download OTA

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