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Camera Plus

Product Code: Camera Plus
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Availability: Pre-Order
Price: Rp34,000
Camera Plus adalah aplikasi BlackBerry yang bisa digunakan untuk capture photo dengan camera BlackBerry anda dan email semua photo (multiple) bersamaan dalam satu email secara mudah, tanpa harus add attachment satu per satu dari media folder.
Camera Plus allows you to capture and email multiple photos like never before.

Now you can capture, preview and create email photo albums with up to 25 photos or 5000kb's worth of Data.

The process is simple:
1)Launch Camera Plus
2)Capture Photos by clicking the Camera Icon/Right convenience key
3)Take photos as normal and return to camera plus by pressing 'back' twice
4)Preview photos, Remove bad ones, and Email the good ones in a photo album

Camera Plus is an application that improves the mobile photography experience.

After you take photos you can show them off using the Wickid preview. Just click the photo and scroll left and right.

Use it to capture and email a single photo or as a photo album creator for a days events.


1)Set your default right convenience key to Camera+
2)For best quality & email results, set your photo size to Medium-superfine (When taking a photo press the menu item 'options' ).
3)Post to social sites like Facebook using email upload
4)Take lots of photos, remove the bad ones, share the good ones
5)Email yourself photos and have them backed-up and organized.
6)Save email drafts and send using Wifi if out-of-coverage, traveling or to reduce data charges

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If you find a bug or have any feedback, please write us an email and we will respond as quickly as possible.
  • Photo Album Creation
  • Multiple picture handling
  • Editing Capabilities
  • Email Integration
  • Full-screen Preview of photos
  • File explorer for attaching existing photos
  • Total File Size Indicator

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