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SMS Contact Blackberry

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

SMS Contact (FREE) v1.1 for Blackberry

SMS Contact allows you to send the contact information by SMS text message. Simply define what you would like to send from the contact information and click on SMS contact on your menu for any of your contacts.

Send contact information via SMS text messages

Define what contact information you would like to send

help instructions at bberryapp website

Minimum requirements:
Operating System
4.5, 4.6, 4.7 Non-Touch, 4.7 Touch Screen

Free Download

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AddOnis Blackberry Download

Monday, October 19th, 2009

AddOnis Feature List for Blackberry Download

AddOnis has a small footprint and huge output. Some of the features include:

? Vibrate on call connect/disconnect, the vibrate duration is configurable.

? Vibrate when ringing on incoming calls (in profiles, phone needs to be set to “ring”), the vibrate type can be set to “Pulse” or “Constant”.

? After call ends, prompt user to add number called to addressbook or update existing contact.

? Log received calls and placed calls to calendar, user can choose different calendars as well as to log these events as private.

? In-Call notification at user defined periods during calls , the notification type can be set to “Vibrate” or “Tone”, vibration duration, tone and volume are configurable.

? TheCall Firewall with two working rules, “Block Blacklist” and “Permit Whitelist”, as well as two action modes, “Hangup” and “Pickup and Hangup”. Every number in the Blacklist can be defined to have it’s own action mode. The Call Firewall can also be configured to work in “Fuzzy-Match” mode.

? The Call Firewall can also block Private and Unknown numbers, with blocked call log.•

? Autolock / Autostandby feature allows user configure the idle timeout before the device enters Lock or Standby mode. The user can optionally disable Autolock / Autostandby when connected to USB or on a call. Autolock / Autostandby can also be configured to recognize individual programs so as to not engage when those programs are tunning in the foreground. Autolock / Autostandby can also be configured to only lock device on homescreen.

? SMS Signature, allow user to  autmatically add an SMS signature when sending SMS messages (only supported in AddOnis for OS4.6+).

? Insert emoticon into SMS/MMS/Email/PIN Message, these emoticons can be easily customized.

? Send call log entry to addressbook to create new contact or update contact, to the calendar to create an event, to tasks to create task , to memopad to create a memo, or to a number lookup engine to reverse search number information .

? Send SMS/Email/PIN Message to addressbook to create a new contact or update a contact, to the calendar to create an event, to tasks to create task,or to memopad to create memo.

? Send event to tasks to create task.

? Send task to calendar to create event.

? Open UTF8 format text document in memopad, and send memo to calendar/task/SMS/Email.

? Send contact to Call Firewall’s Blacklist / Whitelist

? Insert contact information into SMS/MMS/Email/PIN Message

Download Ota AddOnis:

OS 4.5 :
OS 4.6 :

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Alamat RIM BlackBerry Indonesia

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Walaupun BlackBerry sudah punya service center di Indonesia dengan alamat dibawah, mereka tidak menerima blackberry untuk perbaikan langsung, collect point untuk service dan repair masih lewat masing masing operator.

  • PT Teleplan Indonesia
  • Jl. Agung Perkasa VIII blok K1 No 40 Sunter Jakarta Utara 14350.
  • Tel: +62 21 65307118. Website: http://www.teleplan com.
  • Collect point tetap di masing masing operator.
  • Technical center RIM tidak menerima langsung perbaikan.