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Cara Ganti Blackberry Handheld

Monday, January 4th, 2010

Bagaimana bisa ganti handheld Blackberry baru?

Dengan pengantian Blackberry baru tentunya BB PIN juga ikut ganti, bagaimana dengan BBM saya?

Apakah saya harus reinvite lagi semua contacts BBM saya?

Bagaimana dengan data data saya di Blackberry lama saya?

Blackberry bukan HP biasa karena punya PIN yang unik untuk setiap blackberry yang kami gunakan untuk blackberry messenger.

Dengan tahun baru dan peluncuran beberapa jenis Blackberry baru seperti Gemini dan Onyx tentunya anda ingin upgrade blackberry baru.

Sebelum beli anda pasti kwatir dengan cara transfer contacts atau PIN anda.

Maka dengan post ini kami memberikan informasi untuk anda dengan pengalaman kami pada saat upgrade Blackberry Bold 9000 ke Onyx 9700

Caranya sangat gampang dan sederhana, jika anda beli dari toko dealer blackberry yang menyediakan fasilitas transfer data, anda tidak perlu bingung.

Jika anda ingin melakukan transfer sendiri, ini dia caranya:

1. Backup lewat Desktop Manager
Backup dulu data data anda di blackberry lama anda dengan menggunakan desktop manager. Jika anda belum pernah instal. Carilah cd software di kotak blackberry anda dan instal ke desktop. Atau donwload saja dari website

Buka desktop manager, colok bb anda dengan usb cable ke desktop anda. Klik backup dan ikuti petunjuk untuk backup.

2. Restore
Colok Blackberry baru anda dan pilih menu restore dan semua data dapat di transfer ke blackberry baru anda termasuk contacts, phone book, calender dan contacts PIN BBM teman teman anda.

Setelah restore, buka blackberry messenger baru dan contacts lists BBM lama anda akan tampil di BBM baru anda.

Walaupun dengan PIN yang baru. RIM akan secara otomatis link connect kembali ke semua contacts anda dalam beberapa menit termasuk recover blackberry groups anda. Process secara otomatis, anda sama sekali tidak perlu contact teman anda untuk add/reinvite.

Untuk memastikan process ini lancar tanpa error yang tidak terhitung, saya akan connect email saya kembali sebelum buka aplikasi Blackberry Messenger. Karena jika contacts list tidak terbackup lancar, saya dapat restore bbm contacts list lewat email restore remotely.

Cara connect email kembali, ke email settings dan pastikan email anda sudah terdaftar dengan lancar.

Jika anda akan jualkan Blackberry lama, anda bacalah Cara persiapan jual Blackberry dengan Wipe Handheld

Dua Masalah yang kami mengalami pada saat upgrade Bold ke Onyx

1. Handheld Not Ready
Pada awalnya, sewaktu kami pertama buka onyx, kami tidak menemukan browser “Internet Explorer” di browser settings configuration dan ikon email settings walaupun sudah insert SIM card.

Setelah hampir 30 menit kami insert SIM card ke Onyx baru muncul browser internet explorer, email settings dan icon lainnya.

2. Desktop Manager Error
Pada saat kami coba restore data lewat desktop manager dengan colok Onyx ke Desktop Manager (DM), DM error terus pada saat connection. Berapa kali kami coba matikan DM, hidup kembali dan connect, hasil sama, DM error dan need to close, report to Microsoft…

Kami sempat restart computer dan hasilnya sama. Sempat pikir apakah desktop manager 5.0.1 kami tidak cocok untuk Onyx karena dengan Bold dan Jav gak masalah.

Akhirnya setelah restart, muncul icon Blackberry Desktop Manager 5.0.1 update available 29mb di system tray. Apakah Onyx memang agak beda? Setelah upgrade desktop manager, barusan connection Onyx lancar dan restore data Onyx juga lancar.

Semoga anda tidak menemukan masalah ini, walaupun ada, sekarang anda sudah tau cara mengatasinya dan tidak perlu kaget.

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Switch Blackberry Device

Monday, January 4th, 2010

Switching to a New Blackberry

Are you thinking of buying a new Blackberry handheld? And is worried about how you can transfer your data without any disruption in data? How to change and switch to your new Blackberry device?

Most Blackberry users will have all these questions in mind when thinking of changing to a new Blackberry handheld, this is because, Blackberry device is very different from the usual smart phone every Blackberry phone has its own unique number known as Blackberry PIN. This PIN is used for Blackberry Messenger ID.

So if you change your device, then your PIN WILL change too!

More questions will arise. Like… How will my friends / blackberry contacts know of my new PIN? Do I have to delete all my contacts and request and reinvite all of them AGAIN? How about all my data? Can it be transferred easily to my new Blackberry?

With several new Blackberry models released by RIM this year, including the Blackberry Gemini, The new Bold 9700 Onyx and Storm 2! Blackberry fans will be tempted to change to a new model.

Hence with this article, we try to explain and share our experience in our upgrade / switch from Blackberry Bold 9000 to the new Onyx 9700

The process of switching is actually quite straight forward and simple and anyone should be able to do it with the instructions below.

If you have bought your new Blackberry device from a shop that provides the transfer of data service, then you have nothing to worry about as they will take care of it in less than 30 minutes.

Your PIN will change but your contacts will be automatically notified by RIM with your NEW PIN being updated to their device without them even realizing you have switched to a new Blackberry device!

If you wish to carry out your own transfer, here’s what you need to do:

1. Backup your Blackberry with the Blackberry Desktop Manager

Backup all your data with the desktop manager. If you have not previously install and use the desktop manager, you can find the software in the CD provided in the box. Find the CD and follow instructions to install the desktop manager to your PC/Mac. Or you may simply download it from website

Launch your installed desktop manager, plug in your Blackberry with the usb cable provided to your desktop. Click the backup function and follow instructions.

2. Restore Your Blackberry Device

Now that you have performed your backup, unplug your device and plug in your NEW Blackberry device to your desktop and select menu Restore. All your data will be restored / transfered back to your NEW Blackberry device including contacts, phone book, calender and all your BBM contacts PIN BBM.

After you have restored your device, launch your blackberry messenger in your new device and you will find that your BBM contacts lists will appear in your new BBM.

Even with your NEW PIN. RIM will automatically link connect and update all your BBM contacts with your new PIN in minutes. including recovering of your blackberry groups. The process is automatic, you do not need to reinvite your friends and your friends will not even know you have switched to a new device (unless you tell them)

To make sure the process went on smoothly without errors, what I would do is to reconnect/re setting my email accounts before opening the Blackberry Messenger. This is because if my BBM contacts cannot be restored for whatever reason, I can then use the Restore Remotely feature using my email addresses that were registered. Remember to restore remotley, RIM needs to send an email to your Blackberry device to confirm ownership, if your emails are not set then you will not be able to receive this email.

To connect your email, go to email settings in your Blackberry settings folder and make sure all your emails are set correctly. You only need to log in to your previous account from the email settings to make them work in your NEW Blackberry.

Are you Selling Away / Giving Away your Old Blackberry Device?

After setting up your new device and ensuring you have transferred all your data to your new device, you will want to clean off everything from your old device. Read more on How To Clean Off / Wipe Off Blackberry

Just in case you come across, the

TWO issues we encountered when we Did this upgrade were:

1. Handheld Not Ready

When we first took our Onyx out of the box and inserted our SIM Card, we could not find the browser “Internet Explorer” in browser settings configuration and the email settings icons were no where to be found. The only browser we found was “hotspot browser”

After about 30 minutes trying to figure out what went wrong…  then the browser internet explorer, email settings and other icons from operator services appear! So be patient if you come across this.

2. Desktop Manager Error

When we tried to restore date to our NEW Blackberry from desktop manager, our desktop manager (DM), DM keeps showing “error messages” on connection and forced to shut down the application. We tried closing and opening the application again for several times, connect and reconnect the DM error will not go away, all it shows was the DM application needs to close, report to Microsoft…

We even tried to turn off and restart our computer and the error keeps coming up. We thought maybe our desktop manager 5.0.1 is not compatible with Onyx but it worked well with Bold and Jav.

Until we suddenly noticed an icon reading Blackberry Desktop Manager 5.0.1 update available 29mb in system tray after the restart. Is it a coincidence? Or Onyx do need a new updated desktop manager? After the DM upgrade, then Onyx was connected successfully to restore data to the new Onyx.

We do hope that you will not encounter this problem when switching devices, however, if you do, you already know how to deal with it!

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Blackberry Onyx Rp6.45jt!

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Indosat akan meluncurkan Blackberry Onyx 9700 December 2009

blackberry onyx

foto Bold concept release

Indosat salah satu pioner yang meluncurkan BlackBerry Internet Service di Indonesia akan meluncurkan BlackBerry series Bold 9700 kepada pelanggan December ini.

bold onyx 9700

ini dia official picture of Blackberry New Bold Onyx 9700 from Blackberry Indonesia

Indosat akan menyediakan BlackBerry Bold 9700 dengan nama Onyx sejumlah 15.000 unit pada saat peluncuran perdana. Research In Motion (RIM) sebagai produsen BlackBerry handheld menyarankan harga retail sekitar Rp 6,45 juta sebelum pajak. Jadi yang pengen upgrade Blackberry ke Onyx, silakan tunggu peluncuran Indosat!

So what about Telkomsel, XL and Axis? Watch out for more Blackberry News

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Blackberry Onyx Rp6.45jt!

BLUEberry Lebih Canggih Blackberry ?

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Pernah lihat saingan Blackberry Bold 9000 ?

Ini dia… BLUEberry YAP! Bukan salah tulis dan anda tidak salah baca, memang BLUE bukan Black! Handset Blueberry ini dari China model JINPENG ZL-9000! Mungkin saja anda sudah pernah dengar… ia adalah copy nya smartphone Blackberry dari China… Blueberry tetapi belum pernah lihat handheldnya. Ini dia biar tambah pengetahuan dan jangan salah tanda Blueberry dengan Blackberry!

Blueberry Jinpeng 9000 ini mirip mirip Blackberry Bold 9000 termasuk logo BB handheld! Dibagian belakang juga mirip Bold lengkap dengan video dan camera. Dengan sekilas pandang anda pasti tidak akan tau bahwa itu adalah BLUEberry dan bukan Black!

Bedahnya hanya Blueberry tidak punya trackball seperti Blackberry tatpi dengan trackpad seperti Bold 9700 terbaru! Hanya dengan harga sekitar USD100-USD150 berarti Blueberry hanya sekitar Rp1 jutaan dibanding dengan Bold yang pada saat pertama luncur di sekitar Rp7 jutaan. Dan masih ada keunggulan Blueberry dibanding Bold! yaitu… Dual SIM card dual standby

blueberry jinpeng zl 9000

Sayangnya Blueberry tidak ada feature BBM / Blackberry Messenger dan push mail sepertinya produk asli Blackberry. Walaupun Blueberry murah dan dual sim card! Tentunya menurut BerryIndo, Blackberry is STILL the BEST!

Ini dia fitur lengkap:

BlueBerry JINPENG ZL-9000 smartphone specifications

* Model Detail: JINPENG ZL-9000
* Network: GSM 850 / 1900 MHz
* Languages: English, Chinese
* Display: 2.4 inch QVGA mobile, 65k colors, resolution 240 × 320 pixels
* Mobile ringtones: Polyphonic (64 channels), support mp3 ringtone
* Support music: MP3 background play, Equalizer, stereo speakers built-in 3D
* Video: 3GP / MP4, play in full screen, forward and pause
* Camera: 1.3MP, no video recorder
* Input: Keyboard
* Internal Memory: 512M TF card, support external memory microSD card slot
* Additional Features:

Dual SIM card dual standby, Currency converter, MP3 / MP4 fluent player, Alarm clock, Calculator, Bluetooth, Sound recorder, Calendar, World time, Support GPRS, Memo, WAP, SMS, MMS, Snake Game and FM stereo radio

* Phonebook: 200 contacts
* Dimensions: 117 x 67 x 15mm
* Weight: 110g
* Stand-by: 100-280 hours
* Talk time: 100-250 minutes

Indosat Gemini Blackberry

Friday, November 6th, 2009

Blackberry Gemini Indosat

JAKARTA – Jika XL sudah mengambil langkah paling depan dalam menghadirkan Blackberry Gemini, tidak demikian dengan Indosat.

Operator tersebut masih menunggu handset-nya dari Bea Cukai.”Sampai saat ini masih tertahan di Bea Cukai. Ada beberapa proses pengadaan yang belum final. Tapi, tidak ada masalah. Kami hanya mengikuti aturan pengadaan sesuai hukum. Mudah-mudahan bisa rampung segera, sehingga bisa segera diluncurkan, ” ungkap Head Strategic Marketing Indosat Fuad Fachroeddin di Hard Rock Cafe, Jakarta, Kamis (15/10/2009).

Kendati demikian Indosat akan mengusahakan Gemini segera hadir menyapa pelanggan. Dia memprediksi Gemini akan hadir paling cepat pekan depan, atau akhir Oktober ini.

Saat ini Indosat menyediakan Gemini sebanyak 10 ribu unit.”Pembelian melalui pesanan atau pre-order hingga saat ini masih berlangsung. Untuk pre-order, kita sediakan sebanyak-banyaknya, semampu kita,” tandasnya.

Pasokan Gemini Indosat Ditambah 20 Ribu Unit
Achmad Rouzni Noor II – detikinet

Jakarta – Indosat menambah pasokan BlackBerry Curve 8520 sebanyak 20 ribu unit lagi bulan ini demi mengantisipasi lonjakan permintaan pelanggan atas perangkat yang lebih dikenal dengan nama BlackBerry Gemini tersebut.

Padahal, menurut Group Head Brand Marketing Indosat Teguh Prasetya, sebelum pihaknya menambah pasokan terbaru, sebanyak 20 ribu unit Gemini telah diimpor untuk tahap awal.

“Kami merasa perlu menambah lagi karena di tahap awal saja sudah sepuluh ribu yang pre-order,” ujarnya di sela pengenalan Gemini di ajang Bursa Gadget BlackBerry Indosat di Pacific Place, Jakarta, Jumat (30/10/2009).

Dalam ajang Bursa Gadget BlackBerry ini para pelanggan yang telah memesan Gemini secara pre-order dapat mengambil barangnya. Ajang ini digelar selama tiga hari sejak 30 Oktober sampai 1 November.

Indosat, lewat ajang ini, juga menyediakan sejumlah varian BlackBerry lain selain Gemini dengan harga khusus, seperti BlackBerry Bold 9000, BlackBerry Javelin 8900, BlackBery Huron 8800, BlackBerry Curve 8320, dan BlackBerry Storm 9500. 

“Harga khusus itu dihadirkan Indosat dengan cicilan 0%, cashback dan diskon 50% dengan point rewards,” lanjut Teguh.

Untuk harga khusus ini, Indosat menggandeng delapan bank, seperti BII, BCA, Mandiri, Niaga, Citibank, Permata, dan beberapa bank lainnya.

“Bursa gadget BlackBerry ini menjadi acara yang bersifat one stop mall. Karena, kami tak hanya memberikan layanan penjualan, tetapi juga konsultasi layanan BlackBerry,” jelas Teguh.

Untuk  Gemini, Indosat memasarkannya secara retail dengan harga Rp 3,5 juta per unitnya. Tetapi, khusus dalam bursa gadget BlackBerry Indosat, setiap pembelian BlackBerry Gemini, pelanggan berhak mendapatkan tawaran BlackBerry Storm seharga Rp 3,8 juta.

“Namun, kesempatan ini hanya berlaku untuk 500 pembeli pertama selama event berlangsung,” tandas Teguh. (rou/faw)

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