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ProTranslate Lite v1.9.5

Monday, December 21st, 2009

Download Latest Version of ProTranslate Lite v 1.9.5

A simple user-friendly language translator for BlackBerry smartphones using Google(TM) translation api.
Use this translator to get quick translation from your language to other languages and express your mind.
You can compose a mail and translate the mail in other language from this app. It’s easy.
You can also twitter a translated text as Twitter profile status message.

For a user who doesn’t have BlackBerry MDS service enabled can also use it with his/her WiFi Connection.

* Support for English Chinese Japanese French Russian German Dutch Greek Italian Spanish and most of major languages. Your handset needs to support those languages.
* WiFi is supported so you can use the application easily.
* Send translated text via SMS/email
* Set translated text as your twitter status message.
* Last used language pairs are remembered for ease of use.
* One button copy/paste so that you can copy the translated text and paste anywhere like in sms/email/mms/blackberry messenger application or any place you want to.
* Easily swap between languages
* Long paragraphs can be translated

Works only with BES and WiFi internet connection. Also OS 4.2.1 or higher are supported.

Pro Translate Lite v 1.9.4 di Blackberry App World
Version:     1.9.4
Release:     30.08.2009
File Size:     219 KB

silakan download di Blackberry AppWorld

Atau gunakan link dibawah ini untuk download versi yang lebih baru lagi
Pro Translate Lite v 1.9.5
Version:     1.9.5
Release:     30.08.2009

File Size:     222.3 KB

Download OTA Pro Translate Lite latest version:

Kadang di versi apps di Blackberry Appworld lebih baru, tapi kali ini kami dapat download link dengan versi lebih baru daripada yang tersedia di Appworld pada saat posting ini 🙂

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X Facebook ?

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

X Facebook ? Lite Facebook ?

Dengan popular nya applikasi dan social network Facebook.

Sampai sekarang handphone seharga Rp300.000 juga bisa akses Facebook!

Kami baru dikirimkan link terbaru yaitu:

Untuk mobile akses, singkat dan mudah diakses. Langsung ditampilkan dengan halaman log in.

Tidak serupa yang baru kemarin di release Facebook Lite:

Kedua link tersebut adalah halaman login ke account facebook anda. Dapat diakses lewat browser mobile anda dimana saja. Bukan merupakan Blackberry apps yang di
25 Best Free BlackBerry Apps, download at

Maka bisa digunakan sebagai alternatif dari Facebook app for Blackberry. Atau untuk account Facebook kedua anda 🙂

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