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Cortado Connect for v4.2 ?

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

Cortado Connect for v4.2
Online Storage Memory for Blackberry

With Cortado Connect, you can access 1 GB of free online storage at Box net with your BlackBerry and so benefit from additional storage space for your documents, pictures, or music files.

Cortado Connect also lets you conveniently manage the files both online and on the memory card of your BlackBerry and exchange files between them.

Easy setup! Absolutely free! – Cortado Connect for Box net is a free service from Cortado.

A Division of ThinPrint in co-operation with Box net. Simply download the Cortado Client onto your BlackBerry and connect to the Cortado Server for activating the service.

Additionally to the free Cortado Connect service, you can also try out the Cortado Premium Services Fax and Print for 10 days!

With the Cortado in-house Enterprise Solutions, you can also access your network directories! See the cortado-website to learn more.

Free Download

Minimun requirements:
Operating System
4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7 Non-Touch, 4.7 Touch Screen, 5.0 Non-Touch, 5.0 Touch Screen

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PortaServer – mini web server

Monday, January 11th, 2010

PortaServer – mini web server for your WiFi capable Blackberry v1.1.29

PortaServer allows you to use your WiFi capable BlackBerry as a web server, and access its file system from any web browser on the same network. You can view or download pictures, music, videos, documents or web pages directly from your handset over a WiFi connection.

The web server provides a password to protect your data from random visitors; this password is displayed on the main screen of PortaServer.

The password will not, however, protect you from targeted attacks or when using public WiFi networks. We recommend that you only use PortaServer in a secure environment (e.g. your home or office network)

Upon launching, PortaServer displays the URL to connect to your BlackBerry, and the password required to access the device.

To use, simply turn on PortaServer, enter the URL it provides into a web browser on another device (computer, PDA, or other), enter the password, and you will be able to browse the phone’s files.

PortaServer only supports wifi at this time.

Based on our experience testing PortaServer with various browsers, we found Internet Explorer to be less reliable than Firefox when loading large files (e.g. mp3’s) from PortaServer.

This is a free application. We encourage you to send us your comments, suggestions, or complaints, but we can’t guarantee that you will always receive a response.

New in version 1.1.21: Slideshow for image directories. As with other functions, it appears that the slideshow works less reliably with IE than with other browsers such as Firefox.

Don’t use multiple clients concurrently in slideshow mode, it can overwhelm the server. The slideshow is an example of the type of web pages that you can host on PortaServer.

1.1.24: Fixed a problem that caused authentication to fail when the user name field was not empty.

1.1.27: Slower slideshow and improved stability

1.1.29: Fixed another authentication related bug that caused compatibility issues with Chrome

Browse your handset’s file system using a web browser

View or download files from your handset over wifi

Host static web pages, documents and media on your device

Can run in background while you use other handset functions

Minimum requirements:
Operating System
4.2, 4.3, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7 Non-Touch, 4.7 Touch Screen

Free Download

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Maintain Clean Your Blackberry

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Blackberry Routine Memory Maintenance for Optimal Performance.

Blackberry anda lemot? Lambat? Coba cek dan bersihkan memory blackberry anda.

Kadang kita gak sadar tiap hari oprek BB tapi gak ngerti kalo aktivitas kita itu bikin BB kita jadi Dumb Phone bukan Smart Phone lagi… 🙁

Ini ada sedikit tips untuk temen2 yang mau beresin Blackberry nya: 😉

1. Pastikan memory internal anda tetap dalam kapasitas yang cukup.

Periksa dgn membuka “Setup” “Options” “Memory”.

Apabila “Application Memory” anda di bawah 3 MB, lanjutkan ke tips no. 3

2. Pastikan file-file multimedia (music, video, picture, voice note) anda berada di dalam Media Card / Storage Card dan untuk menghemat applications memory.

3. Biasakan menggunakan softreset dan mencabut baterai setiap 2-3 hari sekali (hard reset), hal ini untuk menghapus sisa-sisa file yang tidak terpakai.

Cara Restart, reboot, reset, baca di:

Cara Restart Reset Reboot

4. Berikut ada 2 shortcuts yang mungkin bisa membantu anda:

– Untuk melihat sisa file atau file free , jangan habis kan waktu anda untuk membuka Options Status.
Cukup tekan “Alt” + “Left Shift” + “H” (menunjukkan info-info vital status Blackberry anda)

– Untuk mereset Blackberry anda, jangan buang waktu dengan mencabut baterai, cukup tekan “Alt” + “Right Shift” + “Del” (shortcut ini sama dengan mencabut baterai/soft reset)

5. Selalu rutin menghapus Browser Cache pada: Browser – klik menu BB – Options – Cache Operations

6. Bersihkan Event Log dengan menahan tombol ALT kemudian tekan “L G L G” pada Home Screen, kemudian klik tombol menu BB dan pilih “Clear Log”

7. Rutin Memory Cleaning: Options – Security Options – Enabled – klik logo menu BB – Clean Now

Notes: Saat anda menggunakan Blackberry, pastikan bahwa anda mengetahui Blackberry bukan handphone biasa dan Blackberry tidak jauh berbeda dengan komputer. Selayaknya komputer, begitulah seharusnya anda merawatnya. 🙂

Kalau Blackberry masih keluar error yang aneh secara tiba tiba dan memory cleaning tidak membantu, anda mungkin perlu wipe handheld blackberry anda isitlah komputer “format”

Cara wipe handheld, hard reset, baca di:

Cara Wipe Clear Handheld OS

Semoga bermanfaat ya…
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Trackball Cleaning Tips:

Trackball Cleaning Tips

Cara Hapus Aplikasi

Monday, January 4th, 2010

Cara Delete Applications

Masih banyak pengguna blackberry terutama user baru masih belum tau cara delete hapus aplikasi dari Blackberry nya padahal cukup gampang dan penting.

Jika anda punya masalah dengan Blackberry anda mungkin saja karena ada conflict aplikasi atau theme baru yang baru di install.

Kadang Blackberry Messenger bisa hang error dan icon BBM tidak bisa di click padahal applikasi masih ada di BB
Solusi error BBM ini adalah untuk hapus aplikasi dari BB dan instal ulang.

Jika ketemu error tersebut dimana reset atau cabut batterai juga tidak membantu.
Deletelah aplikasi terkahir yang anda instal untuk memastikan Applications itu tidak conflict dan yang membuat error.

Buka Options
Lalu Advance Options (kalau OS5) langsung ke:
Lalu Applications

Cari aplikasi Blackberry Messenger atau aplikasi yang anda merasa anda conflict dan klik delete

Setelah delete, reboot

Dan ikuti cara instal ulang Applications yang inginkan.

Blackberry Tips lainnya browse ke category Blackberry Error dan Blackberry Tips

Memory Booster Special Promo

Monday, January 4th, 2010

MemoryBooster HURRY! 50% OFF SALE!

Get the best selling, highest rated, and most advanced memory utility and squeeze peak performance out of your BlackBerry®!

+++ Rated “Top 3 BlackBerry App” by Fortune Magazine in August 31st Edition! +++

This week only $4.99 instead of $9.99! Get it now before the price is back to normal!

Boosts your device speed by recovering wasted memory.

* Optimizes BlackBerry® memory usage.
* No device reset required. Therefore a lot faster than other applications!
* No new hardware: Software only solution. No additional hardware needed! Does not influence any other applications.
* How it works: If memory is wasted, MemoryBooster improves the memory management of the BlackBerry® Java Virtual Machine JVM which optimizes the device performance and stability. MemoryBooster recovers lost memory that is then free and can be assigned to running applications. You will see your applications running faster after using our “Boost Memory!” function. By simply hitting the “Boost Memory” button you can recover up to 12 MB or even more depending on your device.

Ubiquitous Rule: The more memory available the more memory your other applications can use and therefore, the faster these applications run.

Defining “memory”: MemoryBooster boosts only runtime memory. This means it improves the BlackBerry’s memory usage for running applications which has a positive effect on the overall speed of the BlackBerry®. MemoryBooster does not do anything with the media card memory which is the space for file storage only and would not have any effect on the speed of the phone anyway. Therefore, please do not compare MemoryBooster with the “Options – Memory” listing of the BlackBerry.

Get it and Download it at this Special Blackberry Appworld page

Note: The link above is valid when this article is posted, if you cannot find the promotion when you visit the link, this means that the promotion has expired.

NB: Promo tersebut masuk berlaku pada saat posting, jika anda tidak menemukan promo pada saat klik link, berarti promo sudah lewat dan tidak berlaku lagi.

Read Memory Booster v3.01

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Memory Booster v3.1.0

Monday, January 4th, 2010

Memory Booster v3.1.0 for Blackberry

Boosts your device speed by recovering wasted memory. Now with background boosting, bar charts and extensive statistical effectiveness tracking! As well as automatic detection when your phone is about to run out of free memory.

If memory is being wasted, MemoryBooster improves the memory management …

Download ota:

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Memory Up Reset

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Increase Memory Maintenance

Setelah proses Hard Reset / copot batere / Quick Pull, lakukan jg Memory up (jk di PC sama halnya dg Defragmenting), jk belum memiliki aplikasinya silahkan di unduh:

Memory up version 2.7.0

Cara menggunakan aplikasi ini cukup mudah:
Klik icon MEMORY UP » klik menu (?) » pilih QUICK BOOST (tunggu bbrp saat sampai tulisan DONE) » CLOSE

Lakukan perewatan ini secara rutin maka BB anda akan lebih ngacir 🙂

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Cara Explore File Memory Card

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Cara Browse Explore file dan folders Device Memory dan Memory Card

Yang sudah punya applikasi file manager atau file scout memang sudah ada cara browse file dan folder.

Namun caranya bagaimana kita bisa browse files dan folders memory sd card atau device memory tanpa applikasi tambahan Blackberry?

Saya pengguna windows mobile sebelumnya yang sangat gampang untuk explore file and folders karena mirip windows desktop pada saat ganti ke Blackberry, sama sekali tidak ketemu cara cari files yang simpan ke memory card.

Rupanya fungsinya tersimpan di applikasi “Media” !

Jadi caranya untuk browse files and folders Blackberry anda adalah:

Buka Media
Klik menu BB pilih Explore
Dan muncullah 2 folder yaitu memory card dan device memory!

Begitulah caranya!
Atau sekarang anda bisa download applikasi BBFileScout file manager explorer yang Gartis

Baca dan download BBfileScout di:

BB File Scout

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Bold Application Memory Low

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Masalah Sering terjadi Application Memory Low di Blackberry Bold 9000 telah menerima banyak pertanyaan mengenai masalah Bold 9000 nya sering application memory low sampai 0 kb dan Blackberry jadi lemot dan tidak bisa download atau install applikasi baru.

Hal yang sama terjadi kepada Bold kami. Walaupun di clean memorynya dengan log maid memory cleaner juga tidak bisa kembali ke normal. Harus restart setiap hari baru memory kembali ke normal.

Mungkin ini tidak terjadi kesemua Bold dan hanya terjadi pada Bold users yang install banyak aplikasi dan terima banyak email. Tetapi seharusnya setelah delete email dan clean memory, application memory seharusnya kembali normal yang tidak terjadi pada Bold kami.


Kami Upgrade OS ke OS 5 dan Bold kembali ke normal. Mungkin saja, dengan wipe handheld juga bisa perbaiki masalah ini. Kalau anda ketemu error application memory shrink low di Bold, silahkan coba wipe handheld atau upgrade OS anda.

Jika application memory memang tidak cukup untuk keperluan applikasi anda, anda bisa gunakan applikasi Aerize card Loader untuk install applikasi ke SD card.

Silahkan Baca cara Wipe Handheld, Upgrade OS resmi Blackberry atau Upgrade OS 5 Leak Blackberry

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Aerize Card Loader

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Aerize Card Loader Blackberry Applications to solve memory problems

Setiap anda download applikasi dan themes, akan semua di save ke “application memory” dan size memory sangat terbatas, jika dibawah 25mb, Blackberry kita akan menjadi lemot dan harus hapus applikasi yang jarang digunakan

Applikasi ini untuk save application and themes ke memory card anda daripada “application memory”. Jika anda ingin install banyak applikasi blackberry dan themes anda perlu applikasi ini Aerize Card Loader (tetapi applikasi ini berbayar)

More About Aerize Card Loader

Get the most out of your BlackBerry device by installing limitless applications from removable media cards; the size of your SD Card is all that is left to worry about. This user-friendly app will install and remove applications on your device from any removable media card.

Running applications, storing files, and managing the system all use the same memory on BlackBerry devices. Unfortunately this limits the amount of games and applications that can reliably be loaded onto the device at one time. After you have installed Aerize Card Loader, this
limit will be forever shattered, allowing you to load applications and games directly from a SD Card.


  • User-friendly and easy to use
  • Load applications directly to SD card
  • Install applications from an SD card
  • Swap in games and applications to device memory only when needed
  • Enhance BlackBerry performance

Minimum Requirements:

  • BlackBerry OS 4.2+

Informasi lebih lanjut, silakan baca di Aerize Card Loader