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BeejiveIM Beta v1.1.2 Works With All OS 5.0

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

BeejiveIM Beta v1.1.2 Works With All OS 5.0 Versions!

Before I get to the guide I just want to clarify that yes, I do realize the latest beta for BeejiveIM is v1.9.6 and v1.1.2 is an old beta. This guide is for those  BlackBerry users who prefer using BeejiveIM, don’t want to downgrade from OS 5.0 and don’t mind using an older beta version of BeejiveIM. Consider that you are already using leaked software (OS 5.0) so if you can’t IM with any apps other than BeejiveIM then this guide is for you.

@BRSDiddy sent me a some screenshots and details for how to get BeejiveIM Beta v1.1.2 to work with all OS 5.0 versions. He tried this method with the newer BeejiveIM betas, but it only worked with v1.1.2. If you’ve tried to open BeejiveIM with OS 5.0 you probably got a java language error and weren’t able to run it. This guide will help you get BeejiveIM beta to work on your BlackBerry running OS 5.0.

Since this guide is based on a beta BlackBerry application and leaked OS versions do this at your own risk and only if you’re comfortable with software that isn’t guaranteed to work. This is a temporary solution until RIM officially releases OS 5.0, followed by a compatible version of BeejiveIM from the guys over at

First thing you’ll want to do is back up your BlackBerry just in case something goes wrong. If you need help with this click here for a full guide on how to backup and restore your device. If you need help installing apps OTA click here.


Completely remove your current version of BeejiveIM and reboot your BlackBerry with a battery pull.

Download BeejiveIM beta v1.1.2 after your BlackBerry boots up.


Once you have BeejiveIM installed go to Options Apps and search for it.

Open the app to view its details, highlight and click on Edit Permissions.


In the RIM and MIDP JSRs windows all of the dropdown boxes should be set to “unspecified”.

Open each these dropdown boxes and set each to ALLOWED.

Close out these menus, do a battery pull and you’re done.

To test if this method worked for you simply run BeejiveIM once your BlackBerry boots up. Let @BRSDiddy and I know how this guide worked for you in the comments!

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