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4 Ways to Find Your Blackberry PIN

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

4 Easy Ways to find your Blackberry PIN

Often, we are faced with the situation when friends or families ask the PIN number of our Blackberry to invite us to their Blackberry Contacts or Groups

And then we found ourselves trying to figure out where our PIN information is located.

Our Blackberry PIN is actually located in our BBM Profile.

Open your Blackberry Messenger,
Click menu BB
Then click “My Profile”
And you will find your pin number.

However, there are other easy ways to set your PIN so that you can easily find it when you need it.

1. Save your Blackberry PIN to your contacts address. Create contact entry with your own name and add your BB pin in the PIN field.

2. Edit Profile picture BBM with your BB PIN barcode

Open your BBM,
Click on my profile and
click display my barcode,
save barcode picture dan set as profile picture.

You can then ask your friend to scan your BB PIN barcode to invite you! Cool!

3. Download Application PinInfo
To find and display your PIN.

4. Auto Text mypin
This is the way we use to search and spread our BB PIN easily and conveniently.

Your Blackberry should have automatically set an autotext shortcut to your Blackberry PIN

Try type the word: mypin in Email or BBM application, without space between and then click on space or enter after the word, your pin will automatically show up!

Try it!

If it does not appear, then there may be some error in your autotext or it has not been set in factory settings.

Just go to options menu, click on autotext and Edit or create a new autotext with your Blackberry PIN number

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