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15 ways to say Thank You with your Blackberry compiled™ by ™

Here are 15 special symbols that made up the word “Thank You” to show your special gratitude to friends and families.

They may look funny but when entered to blackberry messenger will turn into special words.

How to Use:
Copy Paste everything here to your BBM chat box to see the special symbols.
Select the “thank you” word you desire.
Copy and Paste this into your blackberry messenger “autotext” function.

Go to BBM open a chat, click menu bb then select “autotext”, add new, paste into “replace with”

Cara Pakai:
Copy Paste semua ke BBM chat box untuk melihat special symbols.
Pilih/Select kata “thank you”
Copy dan Paste ke blackberry messenger “autotext” function.

Ke BBM buka chat, klik menu bb lalu pilih “autotext”, add new, paste ke “replace with”

1. ==»3ThAn|« 😉 ¥¤u3«==
2. ? †h?nk ??u ???
3. ?kª?™ o(•?.•?)o ??????
4. ???ººKªªY ??†????K ? 😀
5. :*?èêéñg?°?3?°??ýù:D
6. Thë?gk?üù
7. ???°???:$ ??@???=D???? :$???°
8. †???k ????
9. 33 ????h@nk =D ¥?µ 3
10. ?:)?????-???????-?:)?
11. ??†?ª??’?
12. ??33:*(y)??ã?K ??U(y)333:*
13. ???????????†????k ??µ??????????? .
14. ???°?? ????? ?º? ??°??;)
15. 😉 »¤??ä?k?¤«;)
Compilation Copyright™ by
blackberry indonesia community pin:20ed6e8a
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