BlackBerry 101 Interactive User Guide For Storm 2 9550

BlackBerry 101 Interactive User Guide Now Available For The Storm 2 9550!

The BlackBerry 101 interactive user guide is now available for the Storm 2 9550!

Upon visiting the interactive guide for the 9550 you will be asked “Are you a PC or a Mac user?” Once you select which you use you will then be able to navigate through the interactive guide with your computer’s mouse.

This interactive guide covers the following:

The Basics
Welcome, SIM Card and Battery, Setup Wizard, Device Tour, Navigation, Open a Menu, Change Value, Typing, Media Card, Power On and Off

Settings and Tools
Applications, Email Setup Options, Email Setup, Wi-Fi, Connections, Ringtones

Using Your Device
Making Calls, Send An Email, Send SMS, Check Spelling, Add a Contact, Web Browsing, Schedule an Appointment, Play a Media File, Voice Dialing

Advanced Services
Camera, Maps, GPS, Bluetooth, Desktop Software, Media Manager, Accessories, More Information, Troubleshooting

Check out the interactive guide at

from your PC and let me know what you think in the comments!

Thanks Miguel!

Posted by Mauricio on Oct 20, 2009.
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