Blackberry Groups Shortcut

How to create a shortcut Icon of your Blackberry Groups

Do you have a favorite group that is very active? Perhaps is a “family” blackberry groups or “best friends” group?

You may want to create a shortcut icon to place on your home screen for wasy access to chats in the group.

Here’s the blackberry tips, the way to create that schortcut icon:

Open your Blackberry Messenger
Select the Blackberry Group you want to create the shortcut,
Click Menu BB and
choose Group Details,
You will find the Option “show on homescreen”
change to “Yes”
Now your blackberry groups icon is either on your homescreen or in one of your folders
Move the icon shortcut to your Home Folder by clicking menu BB

Voila! You are done, now you can access your blackberry group chats and picture sharing easily!

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