ExtraLight Torch Light for BlackBerry

ExtraLight for BlackBerry

ExtraLight is a strictly no-frills “flashlight” application. It turns on the status LED to its maximum intensity when you start it and turnings it off when you close it. That’s all there is to it.

One wrinkle: because it changes the LED’s state, whatever state it was in is lost when you use it. This is most obvious if you have the green blinking light enabled that indicates network coverage: it will seem as if the LED is disabled.

The next time your phone decides to use the status light, it will light up again.

People ask all the time if I can use the BlackBerry’s camera flash LED instead of the status LED. Unfortunately, I can’t.

Third party developers have no access to the camera LED. The way to use the camera LED is to start the video camera app: just press the space bar once or twice if necessary to turn on the light.

Use following link from your BlackBerry browser to install OTA:

Download ExtraLight:

This app is free. I have no plans to charge money for this – Christopher Wong

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