Selling your Blackberry? Wipe Data…

Here’s How to Prepare / Wipe & Delete Data Before Selling your Blackberry

After setting up your new device and ensuring you have transferred all your data to your new device, you will want to clean off everything from your old device.

If you have not read our previous post, please read how to switch to new device including ways to backup your old blackberry and restore data to your new blackberry device.

First, make sure you delete your Blackberry Messengers Contacts from your BBM. This is to ensure there will not be any conflicts between your new PIN and your old PIN and that your old will not continue to appear in your friends’ contacts’ device.

Then you want to WIPE all you data from your handheld, such as contacts addresses, emails, calenders and messages. Go to your handheld, Option – Security Options – Security Wipe and you will given choices to wipe/delete:

  1. Emails, Contacts etc
  2. User Installed Applications
  3. Media Card

You will have to enter/type text “blackberry” to confirm wipe.

Now you are ready to sell off your Blackberry device

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