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Chinese On OS 5

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Chinese On OS 5 for Blackberry

8900/ sudah/bisa baca/mengeluarkan tulisan mandarin ( namun tidak untuk inputnya).

Caranya :

1. Install OS 8900 yang official yang eastasia. Jangan install versi dulu.

2. Lalu sambungkan ? BlackBerry® 8900. Kemudian nyalakan loader.exe di c:/program files/ …./research in motion/apploader. Cek disana untuk east asia support ( hanya support saja untuk membuat tulisan mandarin keluar ).Cek file apa saja yang dibutuhkan. (Seingat saya, ada cjk.alx dan file .cod lain didalamnya.) Kemudian copy file tersebut ( ada 5 atau 6 file termasuk cjk.alx)

3. Setelah itu, uninstall OS officialnya. ( Dengan file eastasian tersalin di folder lain)

4. Install OS leaked v5.

5. Copykan cjk.alx ke direktory c:/program files/common file/research in motion/shared/ loader file/…. ( Didalam direktory OS v5..

6.Sedangkan file .cod nya, copy kedalam direktori java di direktori tersebut.

Kemudian install OS 5 tersebut.

Ingat untuk selalu backup !!!

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HNHSoft Talking English-Chinese Dictionary for BlackBerry

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

HNHSoft Talking English-Chinese Dictionary for BlackBerry

Learn Chinese today and speak with confidence! HNHSoft English-Chinese Dictionary is a comprehensive and authoritative dictionary for Chinese language students. It contains over 60,000+ entries, Pinyin (the official Chinese phonetic system), and most remarkably, a real person’s pronunciation for every single Chinese word! The dictionary also provides a great study tool that allows you to organize your own list of words. You can review the words any time you want, as often as you want, and even test if you have memorized your words. No matter you are already bilingual, a beginner, or just a traveler that needs a translation tool, this dictionary is a must have!

Key Features
– 30,000+ English to Chinese entries in English-Chinese Dictionary
– 30,000+ Chinese to English entries in Chinese-English Dictionary
– Real person’s pronunciation for each Chinese word
– Pinyin (Chinese phonetic system) for each Chinese word
– Support both Simplified and Traditional Chinese
– Built-in Chinese Input Method
– Great study tool
– Fully Support QWERTY and SureType keyboards
– Recently viewed words
– No Chinese platform requirement

– Download @


– For the serial :
key: FMCC7753″

– Please read the installation guide for help “installation.pdf” included in the package

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Asian Fonts Pack BBTran

Friday, November 6th, 2009

BBTran Asian Fonts Pack 1.0 for BB 4.5

About BBTran

BBTran is a free online multi-translation application for BlackBerry® devices. It translates words, phrases and does a dictionary lookup in 64 languages with more than 2000 translation directions. BBTran consumes various online services such as Google Translate, Systran, FreeTranslation,

More details about BBTran

Download and Install BBTran OTA:

The Fonts Pack downloads below are for BBTran Applications.

Note: Font download link dibawah adalah untuk digunakan dengan aplikasi BBTran

BBTran Asian Fonts Pack 1.0 for BB 4.5

Description :
Additional fonts to display Chinese, Japanese, Thai  and Korean symbols for BBTran Blackberry

Download OTA:

BBTran Japanese Font 1.0 for BB 4.5

Description :
Japanese font for Blackberry OS 4.2+

Download Japanese font OTA:

BBTran Chinese Font 1.0 for BB 4.5

Description :
Chinese Mandarin and Chinese Hong-Kong font for Blackberry OS 4.2+

Download Chinese Font OTA:

BBTran Korean Font 1.0 for Blackberry 4.5

Description :
Korean font for Blackberry OS 4.2+

Download OTA

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Download Chinese Font Packs

Friday, November 6th, 2009

Ingin baca Chinese characters language di Blackberry?

Seharusnya Blackberry anda sudah support Chinese characters language. Jika masih belum bisa, saranya untuk update Operating System anda lewat desktop manager.

Desktop Manager ada di CD blackberry anda, atau dapat di install lewat website BIS Indonesia atau halaman Blackberry Desktop Manager kami.

Terlampir di post ini adalah zip file untuk chinese font and Chinese Hong Kong font support Blackberry, file terlampir hanya untuk support BACA dan TIDAK support input / tulis text Chinese di Blackberry.

Untuk support tulis text, harus install lewat update Operating System. Baca selengkapnya di Multi Language Support for Blackberry

Untuk sekedar Baca, download zip file dibawah

Download Chinese Hong Kong Font Pack

Setelah download,

  1. unzip file
  2. di dalam folder ada 4 file Chinese and Hong Kong font
  3. buka desktop manager
  4. ke Application Loader
  5. Klik Add / remove Applications
  6. Klik Browse
  7. Pilih file net_rim_font_chinese.alx untuk instal font Chinese
  8. Pilih file net_rim_font_chinese_hong_kong.alx untuk instal font Hong Kong

Sekarang Blackberry anda sudah bisa baca font character Chinese / Hong Kong Language.

Sekali lagi, untuk bisa input text Chinese / Hong Kong, anda harus update lewat Operating System dan desktop manager, baca selengkapnya di Multi Language Support for Blackberry