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RIM Updates BlackBerry Server Media Software

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

The BlackBerry maker added multiple features to its BlackBerry Enterprise Server and Media Sync software.

By Marin Perez

Research In Motion (RIM) released software updates to help BlackBerry users work and play.

The company made available Monday the BlackBerry Enterprise Server SP1, and it adds multiple enhancements for companies using RIM’s corporate mail deployment. The update, which is compatible with Microsoft’s Exchange and IBM’s Lotus Notes, boosts the IT department’s ability to manage devices by adding new administrative permissions, supporting Lotus Notes ID vault, and improving the BlackBerry Administration Service by adding more options.

The BlackBerry Monitoring Service has also been improved, and the home page now features performance data, statistics, and graphs. BES administrators can also view deeper configuration data like transaction logs and index fragmentation, as well as use the database components to manage data attributes.

On the end-user side, the BES update gives BlackBerry users the ability to view BlackBerry Monitoring Service alarms, messages, and statuses from the handset. The update also improves the calendar syncing by correcting inconsistencies between the handset and the smartphone.

The company also released the 3.0 version of its Media Sync software, which enables BlackBerry users to manage and import multimedia files to their handsets. The most noticeable new feature is an overhauled user interface which RIM said is aimed at making syncing quicker and simpler. The 3.0 version also enables users to sync images, and memory management software will automatically reduce the size of large photos to let users hold more photos on their devices. As with previous versions, the software integrates with Apple’s iTunes to manage and sync unprotected music files and playlists with the handset.

IT departments can download the latest BES software from RIM’s Web site, and the 3.0 version of Media Sync can be downloaded here

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Download Blackberry Desktop Manager

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Blackberry Desktop Manager diguanakan untuk:

  1. Update Operating System / Software / Firmware terbaru dari Blackberrry secara otomatis
  2. Synchronize data, contacts, address book, media dengan PC
  3. Application Loader untuk Install dan Delete applications for Blackberry
  4. Device Switch Wizard sebagai Data transfer untuk switching data Blackberry lama ke Blackberry baru
  5. Back up and Restore database
  6. Media, transfer media files, pictures, videos antara PC dan Blackberry

Blackberry desktop manager dapat di install lewat CD software yang dibundle dengan Blackberry baru mu. Kalau CD hilang atau untuk mengupdate dengan Desktop Manager terbaru (pada saat posting adalah versi 5.0), bisa download lewat situs provider / operator / carrier Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) Indonesia.

Software and Application Desktop Manager / OS / Firmware Downloads for BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) Indonesia

atau ke website AT&T’s Blackberry.

Disarankan untuk upgrade dan install Blackberry Desktop Manager versi 5.0 karena lebih cepat dan tidak lag.


Sunday, June 28th, 2009

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