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BeeTwitt Twitter

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

BeeTwitt Twitter for Blackberry

BeeTwitt is a new Twitter client for BlackBerry with alot of features and user friendly interface.

@ Mentions Direct Messsages My Timeline Groups/Lists Search Trending Topics Favorites Friends Options Font size Small, medium, large Color schemes Original (blue), Choco Auto Refresh 5 minutes…

Download ota

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Applications lainnya, browse ke category Blackberry Applications

There are many twitter Applications for Blackberry, search Applications twitter lainnya dengan ketik “twitter” di kotak search diatas kanan.

Uber Twitter Pre-Release Beta 6

Monday, December 21st, 2009

Download latest New UberTwitter Pre-release version Beta 6

Uber Twitter sebuah applikasi Twitter untuk Blackberry dimana anda bisa tweet lewat Blackberry handheld. Kalau anda masih belum menggunakan Twitter, kunjungi dan sign up account Gratis.

Contoh Twitter @BerryIndo adalah

NOTE: Versi ini adalah v 0.932 yang sudah pernah diposting sebelumnya.

The first list of features is available in the ‘rogue’ release, the rest we’ll be working on:

  • *Lists, Lists, Lists!!!* – You can create, delete, subscribe, add members, view members, all the functionality you would expect of an Über mobile client!
  • *Find People* – You can search for people, just like the ‘Find People’ link on Twitter’s home page.
  • *New Icon* – We love it!
  • *Über Bar* – We couldn’t resist the name! This is a tab bar at the top of the screen, the neat thing is that you can add your own tabs! A list can be a tab, a saved search, and later other types of timelines.

The following features are still being worked and we hope to get them into the final Beta-6 release

  • *Retweets* – We will support the old method and new method, you decide!
  • *Saved Searches* – Fully integrated with Twitter’s saved search capability.
  • *Update Twitter Profile* – Yes, you will be able to update your Twitter profile directly from your phone.
  • *Profile Picture* – We have heard you, we will allow you to upload a picture for your Twitter avatar right from your phone!
  • *Report Spam* – One menu selection to report a tweet as a spam, and optionally block the user.
  • *Twitter Geo-Tagging* – We will directly support Twitter’s new geo-tagging capability. You can decide whether to still use myloc.meURLs, Twitter Geo-Tagging, or both!
  • *Twitter name menu* – Type ‘@’ and a list of your friends automatically pops up allowing selection
  • *Larger Avatars* – Click the profile picture, and view a larger version!
  • plus other Various bug fixes.

The first pre-release for Beta-6 can be downloaded here:

Twitter apps Blackberry lainnya anda bisa search Twitter di kotak search diatas kanan web ini. UberTwitter adalah app yang kami gunakan 🙂 dan ada di list 25 Best Free Blackberry Applications

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Share ke teman Twitter Blackberry anda dengan copy paste URL dibawah

Uber Twitter Pre-Release Beta 6 for Blackberry

YFrog Twitter App

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

YFrog Twitter App for Blackberry

Send images and video to Twitter directly from your blackberry device.

* Tweet images and video to twitter
* View tweets
* Search Yfrog
* View followers and people you’re following
* View messages and mentions

Download OTA

Download OTA
YFrog Twitter App (OS 4.2 to 4.6.x)

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Untuk Twitter Applications lainnya for blackberry silakan cari “twitter” di kotak search diatas kanan web ini.

Applications lainnya, silakan browse category Blackberry Applications

Twibble Twitter Blackberry

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

Twibble – another free Twitter Client
For Blackberry

It’s great to see various Twitter applications release for the BlackBerry platform as it becomes easier to get situated with one that is accustomed to your likings and taste.

Twibble has all similar attributes like the rest of the Twitter apps out there. Continue reading for the OTA link as we…

Download ota

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Follow @BerryIndo on twitter at:

Happening @Medan on Twitter:

Applications Twitter lainnya browse ke category Blackberry Applications

Atau diatas kanan ada search box
ketik twitter dan klik “cari”

Kalao masih gak ketemu yg anda cari, cari di mobihand onlyblackberry store

Seesmic Twitter Blackberry

Friday, December 11th, 2009

Seesmic (OS 4.6.0) Twitter for Blackberry

Seesmic brings you the ability to manage your Twitter account on the go using your BlackBerry mobile device.

Seesmic for BlackBerry provides you with the ability view your friend’s status updates in an interface that is familiar and inspired by BlackBerry’s own native applications. Seesmic for BlackBerry

Download OTA

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Applications lainnya, browse di category Blackberry Applications

Untuk applikasi Twitter for Blackberry lainnya seperti Uber Twitter, TwitBerry dan lainnya, bisa search di Gunakan kotak search diatas kanan, ketik twitter dan klik cari

New Uber Twitter Pre Release v 0.932

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

UberTwitter New Version v0.932 leak but resmi

Versi sebelumnya v0.925 size 435.7kb
Versi leak baru ini v0.932 size 493.5kb

Welcome! This is a pre-release version that was released by hackers prior to it being finished. While this version is fully functional, the final, polished version will be even better.

The ÜberTwitter Development Team
Download at UberTwitter official website v0.932 size 493.5kb

Atau download OTA

Ingat, versi ini masih leak/beta tapi menurut ubertwitter sudah cukup bagus, nanti yang resmi official akan lebih bagus lagi. Update akan diberitahu lewat email oleh

Untuk yg masih blm daftar,
Mohon daftar email utk terima setiap updates ? terbaru

Atau roll over email dibawah, tekan trackball kirim email kosong ke

Follow @BerryIndo di twitter untuk menerima updates posts lewat twitter:

Follow @medan di twitter untuk menerima updates posts lewat twitter:

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Uber Twitter

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Uber Twitter v0.925

Twitter applications for Blackberry
Twit from your Blackberry smartphones
Support multiple twitter accounts

Download OTA v0.925

Kurang jelas apakah Uber Twitter anda sudah versi terbaru? Coba aja klik Download akan beritahu pada saat Download replace existing versions.

Ini halaman resmi untuk Download versi terbaru:

Jangan lupa add dan follow Twitter di

Untuk Happenings di Medan, follow

Uber Twitter juga ada di halaman:
??25 Best Free BlackBerry Apps, download at

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Sekarang giliran anda, copy paste dan broadcast
25 Best Free BlackBerry Apps, download at

Snaptu Social Blackberry

Monday, November 16th, 2009

??Snaptu 1.2.6 for Blackberry

?Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, Live score, Movie reviews, Entertainment, News and Blogs, Dictionary and more in one cool application

Featured snaptu applications:

Facebook – Stay updated with your social life while on the go. Never lose touch with your friends again – get live news and status updates, browse through your friend’s profiles, read and write messages and update your status.

Twitter – See your friends time line, write new twits, reply to twits, write and read direct messages, see followers and following lists and more

Football – Football – Live football coverage, showing real-time game results, news, commentary, favorite tournaments and teams by Score24Live

Picasa – Picasa photo browser – view public and private Picasa Web Albums, and search for photos from your mobile phone

News Blogs – RSS reader – read your favorite feeds and blogs from the mobile phone, post on Facebook or send by email anytime, anywhere – for free.

Transport for London – Transport for London – Tube line status and Journey Planner

Cricinfo – Cricinfo cricket news updates and live scores

Download OTA:

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Viigo News Lite RSS Reader

Friday, November 13th, 2009

Introducing Viigo News – A Lighter, Faster, News RSS Version!

For big time user of the Viigo BlackBerry application and it’s always one of the first apps I recommend to other BlackBerry users.

Viigo comes packed with LOTS of features, but some may not use all of them and just want the basic News and RSS channels.

For those who want just News and RSS, Viigo has just announced their new Viigo News version!

The Viigo News application allows you to select from hundreds of popular business, finance, sports, entertainment or headline news directly from the Channel Library, which has 13 newly organized categories to choose from.

Viigo News also has an updated user-interface with new buttons across the bottom of the Channel screen.

The News version still lets you share items through email,, or popular social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

For those that don’t have data plans there is now also a dedicated WiFi option so it only updates when you’re connected to a wireless internet source!

To download the new Viigo News version go to

from your Blackberry Browser.

If you’d like the original version of Viigo you can download it from

Note: Before installing Viigo News you must uninstall any previous version of Viigo and do a reboot (battery pull).

After that you can download Viigo News, sign in and all your feeds will re-load.

Gunakan Viigo News dengan berita dari

Gunakan RSS feeds

Khusus informasi Medan

Berita dan Cerita Kota Medan

Medan City Travel, Food Living

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Twitter BeeJive Blackberry

Monday, November 9th, 2009

Twitter at Beejive for Blackberry

Pengumuman Pengumuman. ..

Buat yang udah punya licensenya Beejive only…

Sekarang Beejive bisa support Twitter. Konon kabarnya, walau masih beta tapi salah satu aplikasi Twitter terbaik untuk Blackberry.

Download OTA di sini

Saya belum pernah coba tapi yaaa…. Cuma bagi-bagi temuan. :p

Belum dirilis buat yang belum punya license nya Beejive lho ya… Jangan iseng nyoba-nyoba download. Ngak pengaruh !

Trial BeeJive
Aplikasi BB Link Beejive

BeejiveIM v1.1.1

BeejiveIM v1.9.6

Beejive ver 1.9.6
LInk Ota ( Bold, Tour, 89xx Curve… 4.6 OS and higher ) ( 8220 Pearl Flip, 8350 Curve 4.6 OS and higher ) (4.3 OS and higher) (4.2.1 OS and higher)

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