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Uber Twitter v 0.945

Monday, January 4th, 2010

New Official UberTwitter ver 0.945 is now available for download.

This is an upgrade version of the previous beta 6 v 0.932 with many new features compared to the previous official version.

You may browse this web for more information on the new UberTwitter

Download OTA from:

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Uber Twitter Pre-Release Beta 6

Monday, December 21st, 2009

Download latest New UberTwitter Pre-release version Beta 6

Uber Twitter sebuah applikasi Twitter untuk Blackberry dimana anda bisa tweet lewat Blackberry handheld. Kalau anda masih belum menggunakan Twitter, kunjungi dan sign up account Gratis.

Contoh Twitter @BerryIndo adalah

NOTE: Versi ini adalah v 0.932 yang sudah pernah diposting sebelumnya.

The first list of features is available in the ‘rogue’ release, the rest we’ll be working on:

  • *Lists, Lists, Lists!!!* – You can create, delete, subscribe, add members, view members, all the functionality you would expect of an Über mobile client!
  • *Find People* – You can search for people, just like the ‘Find People’ link on Twitter’s home page.
  • *New Icon* – We love it!
  • *Über Bar* – We couldn’t resist the name! This is a tab bar at the top of the screen, the neat thing is that you can add your own tabs! A list can be a tab, a saved search, and later other types of timelines.

The following features are still being worked and we hope to get them into the final Beta-6 release

  • *Retweets* – We will support the old method and new method, you decide!
  • *Saved Searches* – Fully integrated with Twitter’s saved search capability.
  • *Update Twitter Profile* – Yes, you will be able to update your Twitter profile directly from your phone.
  • *Profile Picture* – We have heard you, we will allow you to upload a picture for your Twitter avatar right from your phone!
  • *Report Spam* – One menu selection to report a tweet as a spam, and optionally block the user.
  • *Twitter Geo-Tagging* – We will directly support Twitter’s new geo-tagging capability. You can decide whether to still use myloc.meURLs, Twitter Geo-Tagging, or both!
  • *Twitter name menu* – Type ‘@’ and a list of your friends automatically pops up allowing selection
  • *Larger Avatars* – Click the profile picture, and view a larger version!
  • plus other Various bug fixes.

The first pre-release for Beta-6 can be downloaded here:

Twitter apps Blackberry lainnya anda bisa search Twitter di kotak search diatas kanan web ini. UberTwitter adalah app yang kami gunakan 🙂 dan ada di list 25 Best Free Blackberry Applications

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Uber Twitter Pre-Release Beta 6 for Blackberry

New Uber Twitter Pre Release v 0.932

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

UberTwitter New Version v0.932 leak but resmi

Versi sebelumnya v0.925 size 435.7kb
Versi leak baru ini v0.932 size 493.5kb

Welcome! This is a pre-release version that was released by hackers prior to it being finished. While this version is fully functional, the final, polished version will be even better.

The ÜberTwitter Development Team
Download at UberTwitter official website v0.932 size 493.5kb

Atau download OTA

Ingat, versi ini masih leak/beta tapi menurut ubertwitter sudah cukup bagus, nanti yang resmi official akan lebih bagus lagi. Update akan diberitahu lewat email oleh

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