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Blackberry Users Indonesia

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

The total Number of Blackberry Users in Indonesia

Blackberry has become increasingly popular especially in Indonesia

The number of blackberry users has more than doubled within the past year of 2009

Unlike other parts of the world where Blackberries are used in corporations / corporate use and mainly as BES – Blackberry Enterprise Solution for work,
Blackberries are commonly used by the young as well in Indonesia for play, for social groups especially with Facebook and Blackberry Messenger service. Most users in Indonesia are subscribed to BIS – Blackberry Internet Service.

The reason for the popularity of Blackberry can also be due to the fact that Indonesia operators are one of the first in the world to introduce prepaid services including daily and weekly rates as cheap as Rp5000 (by XL) per day which is around USD 0.55 per day

This made it easily affordable for the younger generation. Blackberry handhelds costs about Rp2.4juta / USD 250 for Blackberry Gemini which compared to the iPhone price tag of Rp8jt / USD850 made blackberry the smartphone choice for many youths.

Over 1 million Blackberry Users in Indonesia

The current numbers of Blackberry Internet Service BIS Subscribers in Indonesia are:

  • XL BIS subscribers of about 400.000
  • Telkomsel BIS subscribers of about 400.000
  • Indosat BIS subscribers of about 300.000
  • Axis BIS subscribers of about 20.000

And 3 Indonesia another operator in Indonesia will now join the 4 main operators to offer Blackberry Internet Services very soon as we have seen the official page in

With a total of more than 1.1 million users subscribers in Indonesia, it is a huge potential market for growth!

Blackberry Boom in Indonesia

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Video about Blackberry Boom in Indonesia by CNN

Blackberry di Indonesia sudah di perhatikan di mata dunia, sampai CNN datang ke Indonesia untuk melaporkan market Blackberry cukup menjanjikan di Indonesia…

It’s hard to go anywhere in Jakarta, Indonesia, without seeing someone using a BlackBerry smart phone.


  • Blackberry only about USD500 compared to iPhone price of USD900
  • Blackberry sells 5 time better than the iPhones

Do you Blackberry? Do you BerryIndo? 🙂

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Blackberry King in Indonesia

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

The BlackBerry is king in Indonesia

Blackberry RAJA di Indonesia? Sampai CNN juga meliputi pesatnya pertumbuhan Blackberry dan popularitas Blackberry di Indonesia.

Jakarta, Indonesia (CNN) — It’s hard to go anywhere in Jakarta, the nation’s busy capital, without seeing someone using one of these ubiquitous smart phones.

In the city’s shopping malls, the BlackBerry logo is advertised everywhere and sellers offer everything from the latest, the Blackberry Onyx, to much cheaper, older models.

In its battle with Apple’s iPhone, BlackBerry is the clear winner here. Sellers at one Jakarta mall told CNN they routinely sell about 5 or 6 Blackberries a day. In comparison they sell only one iPhone a day, at the most.

“BlackBerry phones are much more trendy and fashionable than the iPhone,” one seller told CNN. “Hardly anyone asks for an iPhone.”

So just why is the BlackBerry so popular in Indonesia?

One reason is price. Blackberry phones cost about $500 when sold new, compared to an iPhone that costs around $900. But if bought on Indonesia’s “gray market” — in order words, smuggled in tax free — then a BlackBerry can be purchased for around $300.

That caters not just to Indonesia’s high-end businessmen but also to the country’s growing and fashion-conscious middle class.

Another reason is accessibility. Indonesia’s Internet infrastructure is expensive and not always reliable. Getting a home broadband connection can cost as much as $100 a month. For many Indonesians, it’s easier, and cheaper, to get a web-enabled phone.

Used less for surfing the net than digital social networking, BlackBerry phones’ keyboards have also been a real selling point. The iPhone’s touch screen has less appeal in this respect. (Read more on the rise of social media in Southeast Asia)

“I’ve heard the touch screen isn’t so great,” one college student buying her first BlackBerry told CNN. “All my friends use the BlackBerry to email. That’s why I’m getting one.”

BlackBerry manufacturer, Research in Motion, wouldn’t release country-specific figures but said that Indonesia is an important part of its Asia strategy. Indonesia holds a lot of potential.

The ROA Group, a mobile phone research group, estimates that by next year half of Indonesia’s 250 million people will have a mobile phone.

But BlackBerry may not be on top for long. Local provider XL is now offering a service that gives mobile phone users limited web-access to Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo mail.

For many users, that’s all they need and the cost of the service is only about a dollar a day.

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32 million Blackberry Users

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Blackberry Users Worldwide

Research in Motion Ltd., maker of the devices, said it had about 32 million global BlackBerry subscribers as of the end of August 2009

Ada berapa Blackberry users di Indonesia?

Laporan terakhir yang kami dapatkan adalah 400.000 pengguna Blackberry di Indonesia pada Aug 2009 dan proyeksinya adalah melebihi 1 juta pengguna di 2010.

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10 Mental illnesses of Blackberry

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

10 Mental illnesses caused to BBians by Blackberry / BB devices:

1- Taking BB to bathroom. With you..
2- Happiness when getting/stopping in traffic.
3- Laughing/Smiling a lot when no body is talking to you.
4- Not giving a crap about what’s going around or who’s there/around.
5- Back bending and neck problems.
6- Make nails longer/shorter “for better control”.
7- Fall asleep with BB beside.
8- BBM obsession.
9- Free advertising/marketing for BB company.
10- Make fun of other phones, specially Nokia.

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