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FlyCast Radio Video Podcasts

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

FlyCast v1.34-1.35 Radio Video Podcasts

The FlyCast network is the first specifically designed application to deliver radio, video and podcasts over mobile broadband and Wi-Fi networks to mobile devices.

As a compelling free alternative to satellite radio, the FlyCast network has experienced explosive growth in users and content since its launch in January 2008.

supports background play – allowing users to listen while they use their handset for other functions

supports playback through Bluetooth® stereo headsets

Minimum requirements:
Operating System
4.3, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7 Touch Screen

Free Download

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Camera Flash Torch Light

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Flash Light Torch Light

Cari aplikasi senter seperti berry torch dll.. Sebenarnya kalau Blackberry anda punya flash anda tidak perlu lagi install aplikasi senter

Khusus Blackberry yang punya Flash seperti Javelin, Bold dan Onyx

Gunakan Camera Flash anda sebagai senter, lebih terang dan gampang digunakan!

Caranya, buka apliasi VIDEO CAMERA di Blackberry anda. Perhatikan VIDEO camera, bukan aplikasi camera.

Setelah buka video camera,
Tekan tombol “space”
Dan flash light akan hidup terang
Untuk anda gunakan sebagai senter!

Tips Launch Video Camera

1. Move icon Video Camera ke Home screen biar gampang akses.

2. Dari tombol quick launch di kanan bb anda akan launch aplikasi Camera
Setelah buka aplikasi camera
Klik menu BB
Dan pilih Video Camera

Semoga Blackberry Tips Free aplikasi senter dengan gunakan flash light Video Camera ini bermanfaat apalagi PLN Indonesia sering melakukan pemadaman listrik!

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Blackberry Boom in Indonesia

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Video about Blackberry Boom in Indonesia by CNN

Blackberry di Indonesia sudah di perhatikan di mata dunia, sampai CNN datang ke Indonesia untuk melaporkan market Blackberry cukup menjanjikan di Indonesia…

It’s hard to go anywhere in Jakarta, Indonesia, without seeing someone using a BlackBerry smart phone.


  • Blackberry only about USD500 compared to iPhone price of USD900
  • Blackberry sells 5 time better than the iPhones

Do you Blackberry? Do you BerryIndo? 🙂

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Vuclip Mobile Video Search 1.3.0 for Blackberry

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Vuclip Mobile Video Search 1.3.0 for Blackberry (formerly is the most popular mobile site to search and view any video from the internet directly on your mobile phone.

Get FREE and instant access to over a 100 million videos on News, Music, Sports, Celebrities and more

Web App
92% like (40 votes)

?Freeware – 0.004 MB

Download OTA×192231543/33416/Vuclip_Mobile_Video_Search.jad

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Blackberry Youtube Channel

Friday, November 20th, 2009

Blackberry Youtube Channel

RIM resmi meluncurkan Blackberry Youtube Channel, setelah sebelumnya meluncurkan MyBlackberry beberapa waktu lalu. Sepertinya RIM sedang melakukan promosi besar-besaran.

Bagi yang mau meluncur langsung saja ke

Blackberry Tips :

pake atau aja…

Url video dari bisa dicopy paste ke untuk didownload videonya tanpa kena pulsa, karena download file via browser termasuk dalam paket BIS.

Video didownload dulu baru di-view di media player

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Qik Share Live Streaming Video in Blackberry

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Qik Share Live Streaming Video in Blackberry

??Cool app that adds value to your Blackberry experience

You can share live streaming BB video amongst friends and family.

Download OTA to Blackberry

More information on the service and application

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Blackberry Video Torch

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009 Blackberry Tips: Blackberry jadi Senter Gratis

Khusus yang punya Blackberry dengan Flash Video Camera dan keyboard.

Cara menjadikan Blackberry sebagai Senter tanpa menggunakan aplikasi.

Ke fungsi Video Camera
Klik “Space”
Dan lampu video camera akan nyala cukup terang menjadikan senter.

For blackberry with flash video camera and keyboard

How to Turn your Blackberry into a Free Torch without using applications.

Go to your Video Camera function in your Blackberry device
Click Space
And the light of your video camera will be turned on as bright asa torch!