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Battery Watch

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

BatteryWatch v1.5 Battery Information for Blackberry

Battery Watch gives you an overview of the battery status modes and more.

Battery Level

Battery Status

Battery Temperature

Battery Voltage

Device Name

Device PIN

Minimum requirements:
Operating System
4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7 Non-Touch, 4.7 Touch Screen, 5.0 Non-Touch, 5.0 Touch Screen

Free Download

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Blackberry Bluetooth Watch

Friday, December 4th, 2009

BlackBerry Bluetooth Watch Real And In The Works!?

For a while now there have been rumors about a “BlackBerry watch” being developed by RIM. Back in May BGR was able to sit down and talk to Antoine Boucher, Vice President of Accessories Integration, about some upcoming BlackBerry accessories. During this chat Boucher indirectly mentioned the possibility of a BlackBerry Bluetooth watch being in the works.

Today CrackBerry Kevin broke the news that yes, RIM is working on a Bluetooth watch and it will be announced soon! Along with this news Kevin has provided renderings of the actual watch and some key features:

it has been designed specifically for BlackBerry from the ground up – developed by a new BlackBerry-dedicated accessory company it features an OLED screen that we hear is “big, bright and beautiful” and optimized for displaying text clearly, and thanks to OLED has solid battery life it’s designed to show you notifications and previews of messages arriving on your BlackBerry

Judging by the filename of the photos as they were sent in to us, we’re thinking it’s going to branded the inPulse smartwatch. These renderings look a lot better than a possible early prototype found by a commenter over at CB.

As always with leaked info you can consider this a rumor until RIM officially announces it which, according to Kevin, should be soon. Would you buy and wear the “inPulse smartwatch”?

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Blackberry Youtube Channel

Friday, November 20th, 2009

Blackberry Youtube Channel

RIM resmi meluncurkan Blackberry Youtube Channel, setelah sebelumnya meluncurkan MyBlackberry beberapa waktu lalu. Sepertinya RIM sedang melakukan promosi besar-besaran.

Bagi yang mau meluncur langsung saja ke

Blackberry Tips :

pake atau aja…

Url video dari bisa dicopy paste ke untuk didownload videonya tanpa kena pulsa, karena download file via browser termasuk dalam paket BIS.

Video didownload dulu baru di-view di media player

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Nonton Video Youtube di Blackberry

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Tips: Nonton YouTube tanpa kena APN Operator

Kemarin kita pernah posting tips nonton video Youtube lewat Blackberry, ini alternatif lainnya:

Kalo kita nonton video youtube lewat browser bb maka akan kepotong pulsa krn browser akan switching ke WAP utk streaming media… dan streaming ini tidak termasuk dalam paket BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) provider di Indonesia…sehingga akan terkena tarif pulsa GPRS normal jika streaming dan tarifnya mahal…

Tapi ada tips supaya qta bisa ntn video youtube di bb tanpa
mengeluarkan pulsa…
Intinya download dulu baru nonton… karena download termasuk dlm paket BIS…

1. Masuk ke internet browser bb dan ke
2. Search video yg qta inginkan
3. Kemudian arahkan pointer mouse ke judul video yg ingin qta download
4. Klik menu (logo ?), link address, copy address…
5. Kemudian go to
6. Paste link address yg sudah qta copy td di box youtube url
7. Klik download, kemudian pilih format yg diinginkan…ada mp4, FLV, 3gp (LQ), 3gp (HQ)
8. Klik download…tinggal nunggu
9. Klo bb nya ada 3G, sedikit saran download di jaringan 3G jauh lbh
kenceng drpd 2G…jd ganti networknya di 3G klo mau download kenceng
10. Stelah selesai download, video akan masuk di media, videos… selamat menonton! ?

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Alternatif lain:


(Bisa save video)
(Gak bisa save)

Watch TV from Blackberry

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Nonton Tv di BlackBerry

IP TV terbaik yang jalan di Blackberry.
Ratusan free channel jika sudah register.

NB: pastikan anda punya Unlimited Data Plan dari operator anda, karena IP TV streaming di APN Operator.

Berhubung ada paket unlimited selain pake BIS, streaming di jaringan 3G lebih mantap bufferingnya, jika dengan Jave, usahakan cari lokasi yang bisa EDGE. Loading aplikasi dan channel sangat cepat…

Download OTA di:

Register code: 6Z3A-T2J7-XMB2

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Kami belum coba applikasi ini. Tidak dapat memberikan informasi atau support. Silakan mencoba jika berminat.

TiVo for BlackBerry

Friday, October 9th, 2009

TiVo for BlackBerry

Summary: View the programTV guide from your BlackBerry or schedule recordings on your TiVo.

TiVo for BlackBerry

Download TiVo for BlackBerry

Mobile Friendly Download