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Yippidu WorldNews

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Yippidu WorldNews v1.0.0.40 and Twitter for Blackberry

Yippidu WorldNews is an application for BlackBerry® devices that covers news in English for the following countries: the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia/New Zealand, India and China.

Yippidu WorldNews aggregates news stories from the top leading online news providers for each country. For each story, Yippidu WorldNews provides title, author s , publication, a short snippet of text less than 200 chars from the original article. Links to the original information and attribution to the original publication are provided for each article.

For each country, Yippidu WorldNews automatically creates the hot topics category of news. Based on semantic clustering techniques, Yippidu WorldNews automatically identifies the leading topics of the day and presents a list of the most recent articles that belong to that subject. Also, related articles and named entities tags are automatically extracted from the original text.

Starting from release, native Twitter support is also available. Now, you can post article snippets directly to Twitter without using the mobile browser. To do so enter your credentials (saved only on your device) using WorldNews Options menu item.

Seamless Aggregation: Yippidu can seamlessly aggregate and index any corporate information into its standards-based enterprise syndication platform. Aggregated content is available to users on desktops and smart-phones as standard RSS 2.0 stream (XML/JSON/GZIP).

Search: you can easily search all content aggregated by Yippidu. Users can search the entire archive from smart-phones or desktop or individual categories of information.

Related Articles: For each aggregated article, Yippidu aggregation engine accurately identifies related articles from aggregated content and marks each article accordingly.

Categories, Tags, etc: all aggregated articles have Yippidu-generated link tags that identify source, category and (when available) related named entities (persons, locations, events). Mobile users can select link tags and browse all articles sharing those tags.

Archive: Yippidu Information Corpus archives and indexes all aggregated content. Typically, Yippidu saves all content for the latest 3 to 6 months.

Re-Use: Yippidu not only provides you with content for mobile smart-phones but also delivers the same content as RSS, widgets, clipboard, e-mail, PDF and blog posts. This facilitates company-wide knowledge sharing.

Twitter: Native integration with Twitter to post your article snippet seamlessly without opening the mobile browser.

Minimum requirements:
Operating System
4.3, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7 Non-Touch, 4.7 Touch Screen

Free Download

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Anno Create a new world Games

Friday, December 25th, 2009

Anno Create a new world Games for Blackberry

Experience the successful Anno series on your mobile phone and set sail for an exciting adventure! A colourful new world is waiting to be explored by you. Discover new islands and their natural resources, make new friends with foreign nations and use your acquired knowledge to build your own flouris…

Anno Create a new world (Blackberry Pearl Flip Series)

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32 million Blackberry Users

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Blackberry Users Worldwide

Research in Motion Ltd., maker of the devices, said it had about 32 million global BlackBerry subscribers as of the end of August 2009

Ada berapa Blackberry users di Indonesia?

Laporan terakhir yang kami dapatkan adalah 400.000 pengguna Blackberry di Indonesia pada Aug 2009 dan proyeksinya adalah melebihi 1 juta pengguna di 2010.

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Games Guitar Hero World Tour

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

Blackberry Games: Guitar Hero World Tour

Play against live opponents and use your battle powers to become a mobile rock legend.

Get the game, create your profile, and compete on the stage!

GAME FEATURES: Play drums or guitar for every song! Real-time head to head multiplayer with battle powers High quality audio recordings never before see…

Download OTA

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World Flags Bendera Dunia

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Bendera Dunia – World Flags

Kami pernah posting kode BBM untuk create bendera dunia, ini sekali lagi di share untuk Blackberry Messenger anda.

Copy dan Paste ke BBM dan akan muncul semua jenis bendera dunia untuk create pesan message dan profile name

*AD* *AE* *AF* *AG* *AI* *AL* *AM* *AN* *AO* *AR* *AT* *AU* *AW* *AZ* *BA* *BB* *BD* *BE* *BF* *BG* *BH* *BI* *BJ* *BM* *BN* *BO* *BR* *BS* *BT* *BW* *BY* *BZ* *CA* *CD* *CF* *CG* *CH* *CI* *CK* *CL* *CM* *CN* *CO* *CR* *CS* *CU* *CV* *CY* *CZ* *DE* *DJ* *DK* *DM* *DO* *DZ* *EC* *EE* *EG* *ES* *ET* *FI* *FJ* *FK* *FM* *FO* *FR* *GA* *GD* *GE* *GH* *GI* *GL* *GM* *GN* *GQ* *GR* *GT* *GW* *GY* *HK* *HN* *HR* *HT* *HU* *ID* *IE* *IL* *IN* *IQ* *IR* *IS* *IT* *JM* *JO* *JP* *KE* *KG* *KH* *KI* *KM* *KN* *KP* *KR* *KW* *KY* *KZ* *LA* *LB* *LC* *LI* *LK* *LR* *LS* *LT* *LU* *LV* *LY* *MA* *MC* *MD* *MG* *MK* *ML* *MM* *MN* *MO* *MR* *MS* *MT* *MU* *MV* *MW* *MX* *MY* *MZ* *NA* *NC* *NE* *NG* *NI* *NL* *NO* *NZ* *OM* *PA* *PE* *PF* *PG* *PH* *PK* *PL* *PM* *PR* *PT* *PW* *PY* *QA* *RE* *RO* *RU* *RW* *SA* *SB* *SC* *SD* *SE* *SG* *SI* *SK* *SL* *SM* *SN* *SO* *SR* *ST* *SV* *SY* *SZ* *TC* *TD* *TG* *TH* *TJ* *TL* *TM* *TN* *TO* *TR* *TT* *TW* *TZ* *UA* *UG* *UK* *US* *UY* *UZ* *VC* *VE* *VG* *VN* *VU* *WS* *YE* *ZA* *ZM* *ZW*

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World Clock Blackberry

Friday, November 13th, 2009

Aplikasi World Clock for Blackberry

Pakai ini bisa liat 4 negara berlainan, ada 2 versi, yang small ama yang large, hanya beda di tampilan saja. Saya lebih prefer yg large.


For the smaller version 0.9.70

For the Large version 0.9.69

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Blackberry Operating System Downloads

Friday, November 6th, 2009

Official Research In Motion (RIM) desktop and device software download page

Here are the download page for Blackberry latest Operating System for each countries all around the world, choose your operator from your country or try others if you want features and fonts from other countries

Carrier Region Network
3 Hong Kong Asia Pacific GSM
A1 Europe GSM
AIS Thailand Asia Pacific GSM
Aliant Mobility North America CDMA
Alltel North America CDMA
Antel Telecommunicacions Latin America / South America CDMA
AT&T North America GSM
AT&T North America Mobitex
Avea Europe GSM
Bell Mobilité Inc. North America CDMA
Bell Mobility Inc. North America CDMA
Bharti Tele-Ventures Limited Asia Pacific GSM
Bouygues Telecom Europe GSM
BT Mobile Europe GSM
Cable & Wireless Ltd Latin America / South America GSM
Cable & Wireless Panama Latin America / South America GSM
CBeyond North America CDMA
Celcom Malaysia Asia Pacific GSM
Cellcom North America CDMA
Centennial de Puerto Rico Latin America /South America GSM
Centennial Wireless US North America GSM
China Mobile Peoples Telephone Asia Pacific GSM
Cincinnati Bell North America GSM
Claro Brazil Latin America / South America GSM
Claro Peru Latin America / South America GSM
Close Call North America CDMA
Comcel Latin America / South America GSM
Comunicaciones Nextel de Mexico Latin America / South America iDEN
CTI Argentina Latin America / South America GSM
Dialog Sri Lanka Asia Pacific GSM
Digicel Group Latin America / South America GSM
Dobson Cellular/Cellular One North America GSM
EarthLink Wireless North America GSM
Entel PCS Latin America / South America GSM
E-Plus Europe GSM
Etisalat Middle East GSM
Fastlink Jordan Middle East GSM
Globe Telecom, Inc. Asia Pacific GSM
Hong Kong CSL Limited Asia Pacific GSM
Hutchison Asia Pacific GSM
Hutch Essar Limited Asia Pacific GSM
Indosat Latin America / South America CDMA
Iusacell Latin America / South America CDMA
KPN Europe GSM
M1 Asia Pacific GSM
Manx Telecom Isle of Man Europe GSM
Maxis Asia Pacific GSM
Millicom Central America, Paraguay and Bolivia Latin America / South America GSM
Millicom Columbia Latin America / South America GSM
Mobinil (Orange Egypt) Asia Pacific GSM
Mobistar SA/NV Europe GSM
MTN Africa GSM
MTS Mobility North America CDMA
Nextel Brazil North America iDEN
Nextel Communications Inc. North America iDEN
Nextel Comunications Argentina S.A. Latin America / South America iDEN
Nextel del Peru S.A. Latin America / South America iDEN
Nextel Partners North America iDEN
NTELOS North America CDMA
O2 Ireland Europe GSM
O2 UK Europe GSM
Optus Mobile Pty Limited Asia Pacific GSM
Orange Belgium Mobistar Europe GSM
Orange Botswana Africa GSM
Orange France Europe GSM
Orange Netherlands Europe GSM
Orange Poland Centertel PTK Europe GSM
Orange Romania Europe GSM
Orange Slovakia Europe GSM
Orange Spain Amena Europe GSM
Orange Switzerland Europe GSM
Orange UK Europe GSM
Payless Cellular Fantasy North America CDMA
PCCW Mobile Asia Pacific GSM
Personal Argentina Latin America / South America GSM
Polkomtel Latin America / South America GSM
Porta Latin America / South America GSM
Proximus Europe GSM
Rogers Wireless Inc. North America GSM
SaskTel Mobility North America CDMA
SFR Enterprises Europe GSM
Singapore Telecom Mobile Pte Ltd Asia Pacific GSM
SMART Communications Inc. Asia Pacific GSM
SmarTone-Vodaphone Asia Pacific GSM
SouthernLINC Wireless North America iDEN
Sprint Spectrum L.P. North America CDMA
StarHub Ltd. Asia Pacific GSM
SunCom Wireless North America GSM
Swisscom Mobile Europe GSM
Taiwan Mobile Asia Pacific GSM
TBayTel North America CDMA
TDC Mobil Europe GSM
Telcel Latin America / South America GSM
Telecomunicaciones Movilnet C.A. Latin America / South America CDMA
Telecommunication Services of Trinidad & Tobago (TSTT) Latin America / South America CDMA
Telefonica Latin America / South America GSM
Telefonica Spain Europe GSM
Telefonica Venezuela Latin America / South America CDMA
Telenor Sverige AB Europe GSM
Telkomsel Indonesia Asia Pacific GSM
Telstra Asia Pacific CDMA
Telstra Asia Pacific GSM
Telus Mobility North America CDMA
Telus Mobility North America iDEN
True Move Latin America / South America GSM
TIM Brazil Latin America / South America GSM
TIM Italy Europe GSM
T-Mobile Austria Europe GSM
T-Mobile Croatia Europe GSM
T-Mobile Czech Republic Europe GSM
T-Mobile Germany Europe GSM
T-Mobile Hungary Europe GSM
T-Mobile Netherlands Europe GSM
T-Mobile Poland Europe GSM
T-Mobile Slovak Republic Europe GSM
T-Mobile United Kingdom Europe GSM
T-Mobile USA North America GSM
Trigcom Europe GSM
Turkcell Middle East GSM
U.S. Cellular North America CDMA
Verizon Wireless North America CDMA
VIPnet Croatia Europe GSM
Vodacom Africa GSM
Vodafone Australia and Fiji Asia Pacific GSM
Vodafone D2 Europe GSM
Vodafone Egypt Africa GSM
Vodafone Essar Limited Asia Pacific GSM
Vodafone Germany Europe GSM
Vodafone Greece Europe GSM
Vodafone Ireland Europe GSM
Vodafone Netherlands Europe GSM
Vodafone New Zealand Asia Pacific GSM
Vodafone Spain Europe GSM
Vodafone UK Europe GSM
Wind Hellas Europe GSM
XL Indonesia Asia Pacific GSM