Tour & Onyx Pro Themes

BlackBerry Pro v3 Cool Themes for the Blackberry Tour

Now available in all 6 colors suitable for Blackberry Bold Onyx 9700, Javelin and Bold 9000 (see below)

Convenient weather icon slot for constant visual access. Just place in the 7th icon slot.

Select your device model below:

Currently for the Tour, this theme is available in six colors – plenty of choices to suit everyone. You can choose from black, red, blue, orange, green and pink. This clean theme features a bottom launch bar, weather slot, custom icons and more. Here are the OTA download links below.

Suitable for Blackberry Bold 9700 Onyx

NOTE: These themes are for the Blackberry Tour, but we have installed in our Blackberry Onyx successfully with no problems, if you like it, you may try it for yourself, however we do not offer any guarantee. Install at your own risk

Themes ini dibuat khusus untuk Blackberry Tour tetapi karena ukuran screen tour dan onyx 9700 sama, kami sudah coba install ke Onyx kami dengan sukses tanpa masalah. Walaupun begitu, kami tidak berikan jaminan. Kalau anda suka theme ini, silakan coba.

Blackberry Pro themes for Javelin 8900 and Bold 9000

Blackberry Pro themes ini juga tersedia secara resmi untuk Blackberry Bold 9000 dan Javelin 8900 dalam 5 warna, silakan download di halaman Blackberry Pro Themes Javelin Bold

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Blackberry Themes lainnya silakan browse ke category Blackberry Themes.

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