Upvise Mobile Cloud Computing

Upvise 2.7.4 for Blackberry

Description :
Mobile Cloud Computing
Upvise provides a mobile cloud computing platform for small businesses.

It offers an integrated mobile + web suite of applications focused on getting things done, including : projects, tasks, contacts, sales, lightweight CRM.

All these data are shared with your team using any mobile phone.

Users can also access the same applications on their computer using any web browser. Data is always in sync between the mobile and the web

1 – Business Contact Manager and simple CRM
Keep track of who your business talks to, what was said, and what to do next. Assign tasks to yourself or co-workers, manage opportunities.
Phone numbers can be called directly from contact details, addresses can be conveniently located with a link to Google Maps.

2 – Projects
Manage all on-going projects within the company. For each project, get a clear view of important milestones, outstanding tasks, open issues.
Assign new tasks, organize the work of each contributor. Check and update schedules. Everyone in your company can be up-to-date on what
other co-workers are doing.

3 – Notebooks
Organize, store, and share your company knowledge and data. Workspaces are very flexible and can be created to classify all sorts of information.
Examples range from technical notes, to marketing ideas, knowledge bases, capturing user feedback, quick to-do lists, i.e. any information
you want to keep in store to potentially access later on.

4 – Ideas
Gather feedback and manage the ideas you get from your customers, partners, and employees.
Everbody can vote for each idea and you can see he best ideas. Ideas can be organized into categories.

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