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Introducing Viigo News – A Lighter, Faster, News RSS Version!

For big time user of the Viigo BlackBerry application and it’s always one of the first apps I recommend to other BlackBerry users.

Viigo comes packed with LOTS of features, but some may not use all of them and just want the basic News and RSS channels.

For those who want just News and RSS, Viigo has just announced their new Viigo News version!

The Viigo News application allows you to select from hundreds of popular business, finance, sports, entertainment or headline news directly from the Channel Library, which has 13 newly organized categories to choose from.

Viigo News also has an updated user-interface with new buttons across the bottom of the Channel screen.

The News version still lets you share items through email,, or popular social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

For those that don’t have data plans there is now also a dedicated WiFi option so it only updates when you’re connected to a wireless internet source!

To download the new Viigo News version go to

from your Blackberry Browser.

If you’d like the original version of Viigo you can download it from

Note: Before installing Viigo News you must uninstall any previous version of Viigo and do a reboot (battery pull).

After that you can download Viigo News, sign in and all your feeds will re-load.

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