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Yippidu WorldNews v1.0.0.40 and Twitter for Blackberry

Yippidu WorldNews is an application for BlackBerry® devices that covers news in English for the following countries: the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia/New Zealand, India and China.

Yippidu WorldNews aggregates news stories from the top leading online news providers for each country. For each story, Yippidu WorldNews provides title, author s , publication, a short snippet of text less than 200 chars from the original article. Links to the original information and attribution to the original publication are provided for each article.

For each country, Yippidu WorldNews automatically creates the hot topics category of news. Based on semantic clustering techniques, Yippidu WorldNews automatically identifies the leading topics of the day and presents a list of the most recent articles that belong to that subject. Also, related articles and named entities tags are automatically extracted from the original text.

Starting from release, native Twitter support is also available. Now, you can post article snippets directly to Twitter without using the mobile browser. To do so enter your credentials (saved only on your device) using WorldNews Options menu item.

Seamless Aggregation: Yippidu can seamlessly aggregate and index any corporate information into its standards-based enterprise syndication platform. Aggregated content is available to users on desktops and smart-phones as standard RSS 2.0 stream (XML/JSON/GZIP).

Search: you can easily search all content aggregated by Yippidu. Users can search the entire archive from smart-phones or desktop or individual categories of information.

Related Articles: For each aggregated article, Yippidu aggregation engine accurately identifies related articles from aggregated content and marks each article accordingly.

Categories, Tags, etc: all aggregated articles have Yippidu-generated link tags that identify source, category and (when available) related named entities (persons, locations, events). Mobile users can select link tags and browse all articles sharing those tags.

Archive: Yippidu Information Corpus archives and indexes all aggregated content. Typically, Yippidu saves all content for the latest 3 to 6 months.

Re-Use: Yippidu not only provides you with content for mobile smart-phones but also delivers the same content as RSS, widgets, clipboard, e-mail, PDF and blog posts. This facilitates company-wide knowledge sharing.

Twitter: Native integration with Twitter to post your article snippet seamlessly without opening the mobile browser.

Minimum requirements:
Operating System
4.3, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7 Non-Touch, 4.7 Touch Screen

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