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iLock Pro Lock Apps eMail Files BlackBerry

Product Code: iLock Pro
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Availability: Out Of Stock
Price: Rp24,000
Old Price: Rp35,000

iLock Pro adalah aplikasi terbaru dan terlengkap untuk kunci pilihan aplikasi di BlackBerry Anda, termasuk email messages, files, media files, pictures, videos dll... Buat yang sering meminjam BlackBerry bersama rekan ataupun ingin memastikan semua aplikasi atau files anda aman dari pemakai lainnya, ilang dipinjam orang atau ada aplikasi tertentu yang Anda ingin kunci termasuk BBM dari user lainnya. Bisa gunakan aplikasi iLock Pro.

iLock Pro adalah applikasi dari perbaruan dari iLock dengan fitur tambahan seperti:


1. 3 cara unlock termasuk slide unlock, password kombi dan pattern lock;

2. tampilan baru dan gampang digunakan;

3. Powerful, bisa lock hampir semua yang anda ingin kunci;

4. Bisa setting timing untuk lock secara otomatis;

5. Gampang dipakai, bisa setting juga untuk kunci pada saat background light off secara otomatis, jadi tidak usah selalu isi password untuk lock

Item Description

iLock Pro is the best in all kinds of lock apps! It enables you to lock all your private message, pictures, email address, file folder and so on... iLock Pro is the enhanced version of our super app - iLock, which has gained 500,000+ users' recognition!

***Regional Selections Winners of 2010 BlackBerry(R) Super Apps Challenge.

Change log in V1.0.1:

1. Add BBM share,

2. Add Motivate module, you could share the app with your BBM contacts, and after 5 contacts installed the app, you could get the full version of iLock Pro for Free.

3. Fixed some little Bugs

Case study:

  • 1. Want to show your friend some content in your phone, but you don't want the contacts or SMS app accessible, then iLock is the one;
  • 2. Lock pictures;
  • 3. Lock a file folder;
  • 4. Lock 3rd party apps;


1. 3 cool unlock manners, the slide unlock is the leading tech and most cool;

2. New user interface, clean and friendly to use;

3. Powerful, almost could lock any thing you want to lock;

4. Humanity, You could set a customized schedule time for iLock to work;

5. Easy to use, could set the ilock works after the background light off, so you do not need to input password again and again How to use?


1. After install iLock Pro, launch it, and create your password.

2. Enter iLock Pro, and go to "Apps", press the items you want to lock.

3. If you want to lock a file folder, please go to "Files", and then add the item you want to lock, then press BlackBerry Key, in the pop-up, Select "Add to iLock".

4. If you want to lock messages, please select the contacts and add to ilock.

Very Important Tips:

1. If you have installed ilock, please delete the one installed, and then install this one.

2. If input wrong password reach limited, your device will be locked 1 minutes.

3. To lock a folder you should go to the path, and then press BlackBerry Key, in the pop up menu, select "Add to iLock".

4. For phone with Touch Model, to make sure ilock work, please go your phone “Options” - "Applications", and move the highlight on the "iLock", press BlackBerry Key, in the pop-up, select "Disable Compatibility Mode", then pull the battery out and reboot.

Guarantee satisfaction:

If you find a bug or have a feedback, kindly write email to us, we can assist you well or provide revision asap, because we could not reply App World Reviews. Let's make a great app together! :)

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