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Free Blackberry Ringtones

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

Free Download BlackBerry Ringtones MP3

  1. Artifects of the Black Rain (Original MP3)
  2. Blues Mania (Original MP3)
  3. Bulletride (Original MP3)
  4. Going Up n Down (Original MP3)
  5. Jester’s Dance (Original MP3)
  6. Lagrima (Original MP3)
  7. Melting Away (Original MP3)
  8. Modoc (Original MP3)
  9. Opus 1, C minor (Original MP3)
  10. Red Shoe Diaries (Original MP3)
  11. Stop ‘n’ Go (Original MP3)
  12. Technical Difficulties (Original MP3)

Compatible with the following devices:

– BlackBerry 713x Series
– BlackBerry 81xx / Pearl Series
– BlackBerry 83xx / Curve Series
– BlackBerry 87xx Series
– BlackBerry 88xx Series
– BlackBerry 90xx / Bold Series

All ringtones copyright © by, used with permission

The ringtones have been created with ringtone generator from S4BB

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Memory Booster Special Promo

Monday, January 4th, 2010

MemoryBooster HURRY! 50% OFF SALE!

Get the best selling, highest rated, and most advanced memory utility and squeeze peak performance out of your BlackBerry®!

+++ Rated “Top 3 BlackBerry App” by Fortune Magazine in August 31st Edition! +++

This week only $4.99 instead of $9.99! Get it now before the price is back to normal!

Boosts your device speed by recovering wasted memory.

* Optimizes BlackBerry® memory usage.
* No device reset required. Therefore a lot faster than other applications!
* No new hardware: Software only solution. No additional hardware needed! Does not influence any other applications.
* How it works: If memory is wasted, MemoryBooster improves the memory management of the BlackBerry® Java Virtual Machine JVM which optimizes the device performance and stability. MemoryBooster recovers lost memory that is then free and can be assigned to running applications. You will see your applications running faster after using our “Boost Memory!” function. By simply hitting the “Boost Memory” button you can recover up to 12 MB or even more depending on your device.

Ubiquitous Rule: The more memory available the more memory your other applications can use and therefore, the faster these applications run.

Defining “memory”: MemoryBooster boosts only runtime memory. This means it improves the BlackBerry’s memory usage for running applications which has a positive effect on the overall speed of the BlackBerry®. MemoryBooster does not do anything with the media card memory which is the space for file storage only and would not have any effect on the speed of the phone anyway. Therefore, please do not compare MemoryBooster with the “Options – Memory” listing of the BlackBerry.

Get it and Download it at this Special Blackberry Appworld page

Note: The link above is valid when this article is posted, if you cannot find the promotion when you visit the link, this means that the promotion has expired.

NB: Promo tersebut masuk berlaku pada saat posting, jika anda tidak menemukan promo pada saat klik link, berarti promo sudah lewat dan tidak berlaku lagi.

Read Memory Booster v3.01

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Hari Libur Indonesia 2010

Friday, January 1st, 2010

Indonesia Public Holidays 2010

Happy New Year! Selamat Tahun Baru 2010, tentu saja anda ingin tau hari liburan Indonesia pada tahun 2010 ini. Biar anda tetap kembali ke list ini, silakan bookmark halaman ini di browser Blackberry anda.

How to Bookmark Caranya:

  1. Buka browser anda,
  2. klik menu BB,
  3. klik “Add Bookmark

Here is the list of PUBLIC Holidays of Indonesia for the year 2010:

  • 1 Jan 2010 New Year’s Day (Tahun Baru Masehi)
  • 14 Feb 2010 Chinese New Year (Hari Raya Imlek 2561) coincidentally Valentines’ Day!
  • 26 Feb 2010 Maulid Nabi Muhammad S.A.W (12 Rabiulawal 1431H)  (Birth of the Prophet).
  • 16 Mar 2010 Hari Raya Nyepi Tahun Baru Saka 1932 (Hindu New Year).
  • 2 Apr 2010 Good Friday (Wafat Yesus Kristus)
  • 13 May 2010 Ascension. Kenaikan Yesus Kristus
  • 28 May 2010 Waisak Day (Buddha’s Birthday) – Hari Waisak 2554
  • 10 July 2010 Isra Mi’raj Nabi Muhammad S.A.W (27 Rajab 1431H)
  • 17 Aug 2010 Indonesian Independence Day.
  • 9 Sep 2010 Cuti bersama Idul Fitri / Public Leave
  • 10-11 Sep 2010 Hari Raya Idul Fitri (1-2 Syawal 1431 H)
  • 13 Sep 2010 Cuti Bersama Idul Fitri / Public Leave
  • 17 Nov 2010 idul Adha (10 Dzulhijah 1431 H) Eid al-Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice).
  • 7 Dec 2010 Tahun Baru Hijriyah (1 Muharram 1432 H) Islamic New Year.
  • 24 Dec 2010 Cuti Bersama Natal / Christmas Public Leave
  • 25 Dec 2010 Christmas Day
Source: Indonesia Public Holidays 2010

Handbook of Life

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

HANDBOOK for the New Year 2010
And many more years to come 😉

01. Drink plenty of water..
02. Eat breakfast like a king,
lunch like a prince and
  dinner like a beggar.
03. Live with the 3 E’s–Energy,
Enthusiasm and Empathy.
04. Make time to pray.
05. Play more games.
06. Read more books than you.
did in 2009.
07. Sit in silence for at least 10
minutes each day.
08. Sleep for 7 hours.
09. Take a 10-30 minutes walk
daily. And while you walk,
10. Don’t over do. Keep your
11. Don’t take yourself so.
seriously. No one else does.
12. Don’t waste your precious
energy on gossip.
13. Dream more while you are
14. Envy is a waste of time.
You already have all
you need.
15. Forget issues of the past.
Don’t remind your partner
with his/her mistakes of the
past. That will ruin your
 present happiness.
16. Life is too short to waste
time hating anyone.  Don’t
hate others.
17. Make peace with your past
so it won’t spoil the present.
18. No one is in charge of your
happiness except you.
19. Smile and laugh more.
20. You don’t have to win every
argument,Agree to disagree
21. Call your family often.
22. Each day give something
good to others.
23. Forgive everyone for
24. Spend time w/people over
the age of 70  under the
age of 6…
25. Try to make at least three
people smile each day.
26. What other people think of
you is none of your
27. Do the right thing!
28. GOD heals everything.
29. However good or bad a
situation is, it will change..
30. No matter how you feel, get
up, dress up and show up.
31. The best is yet to come..
32. When awake in themorning,
thank GOD for it.
33. Your Inner most is always
happy. So, be happy. 
34. Please Forward this to
everyone you care about,
I just did.

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Selamat Tahun Baru 2010!

Free John Lennon MP3

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

Download John Lennon’s All You Need is Love MP3 for your Blackberry: Official from RIM

MP3 Gratis dari RIM Blackberry “All You Need is Love” Download Gratis dan bisa diset sebagai

And it’s not just ANY Beatles MP3, of course…

What RIM offering for free download here is John Lennon of the Beatles  “All You Need is Love” MP3…

Now isn’t that great? an official free song for your Blackberry…

Whether it is the Blackberry Curve 8900, Bold 9000, Storm 9500, Tour 9630 or the Bold 9700; I think this song will suite your beloved BB perfectly. You can set it as the ringtone or other. be creative

This song is closely related to the Love What You Do campaign by RIM. Yap it’s not John Lennon who sing, but the song you’ve probably heard in the Love What you Do ad on TV. Yeah, the “All you need is love” Blackberry version…. I personally think that the song is a beauty

I have no idea who sing this version of MP3, but it still is nice… Anyway, you can download the free MP3 for your Blackberry directly from the Blackberry official page below:

Have a Happy New Year with FULL of Love!

Shared by Jonsen to

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Happy New Year Greetings

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Happy New Year 2010!

When the clock strikes at 12 midnight on 31 December 2009, then it’s New Year 2010! People all over the world would be greeting each other Happy New Year for a great year ahead of 2010.

New Year symbolizes the beginning of a better tomorrow. Each of us are looking for a better New Year than the previous year. Each one of us would be greeting each other New Year wishes and New Year greetings.

Spread happiness and luck with these New Year Wishes and New Year Greetings and Quotes to your loved ones. You could send them as BBM Messages using your Blackberry (remember they are FREE!) or as SMS text message to your non-blackberry friends. Greet and wish them a great New Year 2010 ahead.

Open your Blackberry Messengers now! Or open your Facebook, Friendster, Myspace and twitter and start sending your New Year Greetings and Messages to your loved ones, families and friends prior to the New Years eve. This is one way of your good deed to wish them for a prosperous New Year to come.

Wishing you…

12 Months happiness, 52 weeks fun,
365 Days laughter, 8760 hrs good luck,
525600 Minutes joy, 31536000 seconds success,
(*)Happy New Year 2010(*)


More New Year Greetings Wished & Quotes for Your Blackberry Messengers

Gunakan pilihan New Year Greetings dibawah untuk BBM kepada teman teman anda…

“May God continue to bless you and your family with divine light, love and power that will bring much love, joy, peace, inner strength and overflowing abundance in your home. Happy New Year!”

Fill ur life with Happiness & Bright Cheer,
Bring to u Joy and Prosperity for the whole Year,
And its my New Year wish 4u Dear

May each day of the coming year
be vibrant and new bringing along
many reasons for celebrations.

Memorable moment r celebrated together,
U r my best friend for now & forever,
Make me Miss U even more this New Year,
Hope this 2010 bring Happiness for you Dear.

“May the dawn of New Year leads you to the path of beautiful tomorrows and brings abounding joys, filling your heart with love and home with happiness.”

“May this NEW YEAR be a song of THANKSGIVING, an offering of PRAISE, a celebration of GOD’S LOVE in HIS Amazing GRACE! A blessed & joyous New Year to you and your family!”

“We spend January 1 walking through our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work to be done, cracks to be patched. Maybe this year, to balance the list, we ought to walk through the rooms of our lives… not looking for flaws, but for potential.”

Memorable moment r celebrated together,
U r my best friend for now & forever,
Make me Miss U even more this New Year,
Hope this 2010 bring Happiness for you Dear.

“Hi Friend. Happy New Year! We heal our minds whenever we let bad memories go; we heak our souls whenever we pray; and we heal our hearts whenever we forgive. Let’s be more loving this coming New Year!”

Fill your life with Happiness & Bright Cheer,
Bring to u Joy and Prosperity for the whole Year,
And it’s my New Year wish 4u Dear.

“New Year is meant for celebrations and spending joyous time with loved ones. May the beauty of New Year be with you forever and your wishes of peace, health and happiness ring true.”

“Wishing you and your family the timeless treasures of God…the warmth of home, the love of family and the company of good friends.  Have a blessed and a happy New Year!”

Like birds, let us, leave behind what we don’t need to carry…
Life is beautiful, Enjoy it.

“A blessing becomes a blessing when spoken.  So I declare that you are blessed with a loving family, good health, faith, favor, promotion and provision.  A blessed New Year to you and your family!”

Each moment in a day has its own value.
Morning brings HOPE,
Afternoon brings FAITH,
Evening brings LOVE,
Night brings REST,
Hope you will have all of them everyday.

“As the new year takes the flying start, may it brings peace of heaven to your house and fills your heart with grace and glory. Wishing you 366 days of nonstop laughter and good cheers.”

“New day, new blessings. Don’t let yesterday’s failures ruin the beauty of today. Blessings of God are new every morning. Today has its own promise of love, forgiveness, joy and success. Happy New Year!”

So go on, BBM or SMS text message your friends and loved ones with these New Year wishes and New Year greetings. Alternatively, you can open that computer and compose an email and send these New Year greetings!

Sekali lagi, kami dari, mengucapkan Selamat Tahun Baru! Have a great New Year 2010 ahead! Silakan isi ucapan selamat tahun baru anda di kotak komentar 🙂

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Happy New Year Greetings

Selamat Tahun Baru Hijriyah

Friday, December 18th, 2009


Tahun Baru 1430 Hijriyah
Kita Hijrah Menuju Kebaikan,
Semoga Kita Masih Teguh Iman & Islam.

Semangat Baru, Harapan Baru
Rencana-rencana Baru
Menyelesaikan Pekerjaan Yang Masih Tertunda.

Copy, Paste to share:

Indonesia Public Holidays 2010

Send Christmas Card

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Merry Christmas Blackberry Maniacs!

send christmas card

May all your wishes come true…

Send this Christmas Card to your Friends!

Copy & Paste:

Indonesia Public Holidays 2010

BBM Leak

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

Blackberry Messenger New Leak Version v.

Baru kemarin saja BBM leak version di release online oleh beberapa website Blackberry, hari ini sudah punya leak version terbaru yaitu, v. khusus untuk OS versi 4.7+ atau OS 5.

Ini fitur baru yang diupdate ke versi BBM

  1. bisa kirim voice note
  2. bisa setting automatic menerima voice notes
  3. new bbm icon hanya robah sedikit
  4. bisa preview pictures yang diterima sebelum downloading
  5. downloading picture lebih cepat
  6. smoother interface
  7. group chat more responsive

di BBM /4 juga ada fitur baru “turn off all notifications for this group”, caranya:

  1. buka group yang anda ingin robah settings,
  2. klik menu BB
  3. pilih “group details”
  4. scroll ke paling bawah ada option “on” / “off”
  5. “turn off all notifications for this group”

Silakan download dan coba fitur baru, sekali lagi, versi ini masih belum resmi di release oleh Blackberry RIM, download and install at your own risk. Baca post kemarin tentang instal  BBM leak version dan juga terms of use.

Sebelum download:

  • Pastikan sudah backup data anda.
  • Utk pemakai Onyx/Storm2 atau Bold/Jave/Gemini dgn OS 5 Silahkan langsungg download.
  • Utk OS 4.xx yang dapat error “INVALID COD” berarti blackberry anda blm bisa memakai bbm ini.
  • Utk ‘Download Failed” harap dimaklumkan karena ribuan user dari berbagai dunia sedang mendownload. Dicoba terus saja

Download OTA:

link alternatif:…BM54/BBMen.jad

Kalau link diatas semua sudah tidak aktif, dapatkan link baru di:

Indahnya Berbagi…

NOTE: New BBM v5.0.0.54 ini hanya bisa diinstal ke OS 4.7+ / OS 5, baca post kami untuk cara instal OS 5

Update 11Dec 2009:

Kami barusan upgrade ke BBM v., sangat responsive dibanding dengan, tidak jauh beda dengan v. mungkin ada updates bugs. Kalau kami lihat di application details, juga tertulis di release oleh vendor “Research In Motion” kayaknya versi ini resmi dari RIM cuman belum di release lewat websitenya karena hanya bisa di instal ke OS 4.7 ke atas dan OS 5.

Walaupun begitu, kami sarankan anda untuk backup contacts anda sebelum upgrade, backup ke memory card jangan hanya backup remotely. Karena kami back up remotely dan tidak semua contacts PIN kembali.

Tidak tau kenapa juga, biasanya kami restore remotley lewat email terdaftar, dan dapat restore semua contacts, tetapi kali ini dari 5400+ contacts kami, hanya 1380+ contacts dapat di restore kembali. Mungkin saja RIM sudah benar benar limit maximum contacts nya dan hapus contacts kami lainnya.

Jadinya lebih dari 4000 contacts tidak lagi terdaftar di BBM kami. Untungnya kebanyakan member sudah daftar email nya ke Jika anda belum daftar email, gampang koq, hanya kirim email kosong ke email:

Jika anda ingin add PIN BerryIndo kembali, silakan add PIN: 20ED6E8A

100 Themes Blackberry Curve

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

One Hundred Themes for Curve 83xx

By Jonsen to

Ini dia sesuai dengan permintaan Blackberry Curve users dan special thanks to Jonsen! 100 Blackberry Themes untuk Blackberry Curve

1. Red Simplicity Today Plus

2. Abstract Pink Circles Today Plus

3. Purple Elegance Today Plus

4. Iberry 3G

5. Abstract Sunset

6. Girlie Pastel Today Plus

7. Purple and Teal Design

8. Juicy Couture

9. Digital Smoke

10. Stunner

11. Whatever

12. Pink Abstract Floral Bottom Dock

13. A Study in Red

14. Trees Curve

15. Waves of Mystery

16. Abstract Fire

17. Fly Away

18. Abstract Green Butterflies

19. Updated Blue Smoke Circle

20. Bo – Green

21. Mechanical Sun

22. Neon

23. Realstorm Custom

24. Pink Abstract Floral Today Plus

25. Envy, Oh So Green!

26. Facade

27. BatBerry Custom

28. Rainbow Maddness

29. Purple Elegence

30. Purple Passion

31. Serenity

32. Radiant Dreams

33. Orange Crush II – Redux

34. Woodsy Hearts Today Plus

35. Neon Right Zen

36. Tribal Circle

37. PS3 Custom

38. Crackedberry Custom

39. Black n’ Blue

40. St. Valentines Day Custom

41. Ice

42. Warm Golden Festival of Lights

43. Mac Leopard HD

44. Pin Purple Christmas

45. Blue Magic

46. Woodsy Hearts Bottom Dock

47. Lush

48. Valentine Today Plus Calendar

49. Curve Purple Sparks Zen

50. Celtic Tri Custom

51. Valentine Today Plus Square Dock!

52. Yet Another Valentine Theme

53. Broken Heart Custom

54. Blue Zang

55. Valentines Custom

56. Black Cat Halloween

57. Curve Pink Abstract Heart

58. Another Valentine Today Plus

59. Christmas On The Beach

60. Celtic Symbols With Weather Slot

61. Winter Scenes Custom Zen

62. Anne Geddes Pumpkin

63. Minnie and Lilo Halloween

64. Easter Today Plus

65. Tabs

66. Purple Ghosts

67. Hello Kitty Halloween

68. Boo!

69. Hello Kitty Halloween Zen Theme

70. Abstraction Customizable

71. Cute Jack O’Lantern

72. Halloween Stripes

73. Nightmare Before Christmas

74. Mickey Halloween

75. 4th of July

76. Custom Halloween Bottom Dock

77. Patty’s Day Theme

78. Custom Halloween Today Plus

79. Easter Theme

80. Halloween

81. St Patrick’s Day Today Plus

82. Creepy Halloween

83. Snowman Today Style

84. Disney Princess Halloween

85. Snoopy Thanksgiving

86. Bunny Snow Flake

87. Christmas Classic

88. Winter

89. Glittery Zen Holiday Theme

90. Distortion

91. Winter Small Things

92. Christmas Tree

93. Valentines Bottom Dock

94. Christmas

95. Custom Halloween

96. Snowman

97. Abstract Neon Smoke Today Plus

98. Class in Purple

99. Halloween Bottom Dock

100. Class in Red

Shared by Jonsen to

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100 Themes for Blackberry Curve

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100 Themes Blackberry 8900 Javelin

100 Themes for Blackberry Bold

100 Themes for Blackberry Bold 9000

75 Themes for Blackberry Gemini

75 Gemini Blackberry Themes

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