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Multi Calculator BlackBerry

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Multiple Calculator Collections for BlackBerry
Aplikasi dengan calculator yang cukup lengkap buat BlackBerry Anda, termasuk BMI calculator, Mortgage calculator dll..
BUat yang sering perlu menghitung BMI, calories dan perhitungan bunga, belanja, discount dan tips, akan bermanfaat. Nonton video contoh calculator

MultiCalc is a set of frequently used calculator, it includes:

1. BMI calculator:
Give you the exactly your BMI in metric or imperial units.
Calculate and prompt you the amount of your weight need to lose or gain.

2.Mortage payment calculator
Calculate the general mortage payment, it's very necessary for Accountant, Businessman, Secretary,....

3.Tip Calculator:
Calculate the general tip, it's very convenient when you away from your Computer and need to calculate some tips.

4.Discount Calculator:
Imagine that when you are shopping at a grocery, a supermarket,....You see the discount percent or discount price, and you don't know exactly the price after discount or the percent discount! Just click on MultiCalc and choose Discount Calculator, you'll solve this problem. Just quite simple and convenient!

5.Monthly Interest Rate Calculator

Calculate the Simple Interest and the Compound Interest in a month with the amount borrowed. It's good for the accountants and someone works in accounting.

6.Calories Calculator:

Calculate your daily needed Calories depends on your Sex, your Weight, your Height and your Age. It's useful for Doctors or someone who want to know exactly the calories needed in one day for himself so that he can have a good health.
It's useful for Doctors or someone who wants to know the calories needed, in one day, for himself if a health regime is followed.

For conclusion, MultiCalc is a set of useful calculator for everybody and for your BlackBerry smartphone.

Use can use the trial version with a tiny snag screen!

Check it out and thanks for supporting!

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