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ProTranslate Lite v1.9.5

Monday, December 21st, 2009

Download Latest Version of ProTranslate Lite v 1.9.5

A simple user-friendly language translator for BlackBerry smartphones using Google(TM) translation api.
Use this translator to get quick translation from your language to other languages and express your mind.
You can compose a mail and translate the mail in other language from this app. It’s easy.
You can also twitter a translated text as Twitter profile status message.

For a user who doesn’t have BlackBerry MDS service enabled can also use it with his/her WiFi Connection.

* Support for English Chinese Japanese French Russian German Dutch Greek Italian Spanish and most of major languages. Your handset needs to support those languages.
* WiFi is supported so you can use the application easily.
* Send translated text via SMS/email
* Set translated text as your twitter status message.
* Last used language pairs are remembered for ease of use.
* One button copy/paste so that you can copy the translated text and paste anywhere like in sms/email/mms/blackberry messenger application or any place you want to.
* Easily swap between languages
* Long paragraphs can be translated

Works only with BES and WiFi internet connection. Also OS 4.2.1 or higher are supported.

Pro Translate Lite v 1.9.4 di Blackberry App World
Version:     1.9.4
Release:     30.08.2009
File Size:     219 KB

silakan download di Blackberry AppWorld

Atau gunakan link dibawah ini untuk download versi yang lebih baru lagi
Pro Translate Lite v 1.9.5
Version:     1.9.5
Release:     30.08.2009

File Size:     222.3 KB

Download OTA Pro Translate Lite latest version:

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