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Switch Blackberry Device

Monday, January 4th, 2010

Switching to a New Blackberry

Are you thinking of buying a new Blackberry handheld? And is worried about how you can transfer your data without any disruption in data? How to change and switch to your new Blackberry device?

Most Blackberry users will have all these questions in mind when thinking of changing to a new Blackberry handheld, this is because, Blackberry device is very different from the usual smart phone every Blackberry phone has its own unique number known as Blackberry PIN. This PIN is used for Blackberry Messenger ID.

So if you change your device, then your PIN WILL change too!

More questions will arise. Like… How will my friends / blackberry contacts know of my new PIN? Do I have to delete all my contacts and request and reinvite all of them AGAIN? How about all my data? Can it be transferred easily to my new Blackberry?

With several new Blackberry models released by RIM this year, including the Blackberry Gemini, The new Bold 9700 Onyx and Storm 2! Blackberry fans will be tempted to change to a new model.

Hence with this article, we try to explain and share our experience in our upgrade / switch from Blackberry Bold 9000 to the new Onyx 9700

The process of switching is actually quite straight forward and simple and anyone should be able to do it with the instructions below.

If you have bought your new Blackberry device from a shop that provides the transfer of data service, then you have nothing to worry about as they will take care of it in less than 30 minutes.

Your PIN will change but your contacts will be automatically notified by RIM with your NEW PIN being updated to their device without them even realizing you have switched to a new Blackberry device!

If you wish to carry out your own transfer, here’s what you need to do:

1. Backup your Blackberry with the Blackberry Desktop Manager

Backup all your data with the desktop manager. If you have not previously install and use the desktop manager, you can find the software in the CD provided in the box. Find the CD and follow instructions to install the desktop manager to your PC/Mac. Or you may simply download it from website

Launch your installed desktop manager, plug in your Blackberry with the usb cable provided to your desktop. Click the backup function and follow instructions.

2. Restore Your Blackberry Device

Now that you have performed your backup, unplug your device and plug in your NEW Blackberry device to your desktop and select menu Restore. All your data will be restored / transfered back to your NEW Blackberry device including contacts, phone book, calender and all your BBM contacts PIN BBM.

After you have restored your device, launch your blackberry messenger in your new device and you will find that your BBM contacts lists will appear in your new BBM.

Even with your NEW PIN. RIM will automatically link connect and update all your BBM contacts with your new PIN in minutes. including recovering of your blackberry groups. The process is automatic, you do not need to reinvite your friends and your friends will not even know you have switched to a new device (unless you tell them)

To make sure the process went on smoothly without errors, what I would do is to reconnect/re setting my email accounts before opening the Blackberry Messenger. This is because if my BBM contacts cannot be restored for whatever reason, I can then use the Restore Remotely feature using my email addresses that were registered. Remember to restore remotley, RIM needs to send an email to your Blackberry device to confirm ownership, if your emails are not set then you will not be able to receive this email.

To connect your email, go to email settings in your Blackberry settings folder and make sure all your emails are set correctly. You only need to log in to your previous account from the email settings to make them work in your NEW Blackberry.

Are you Selling Away / Giving Away your Old Blackberry Device?

After setting up your new device and ensuring you have transferred all your data to your new device, you will want to clean off everything from your old device. Read more on How To Clean Off / Wipe Off Blackberry

Just in case you come across, the

TWO issues we encountered when we Did this upgrade were:

1. Handheld Not Ready

When we first took our Onyx out of the box and inserted our SIM Card, we could not find the browser “Internet Explorer” in browser settings configuration and the email settings icons were no where to be found. The only browser we found was “hotspot browser”

After about 30 minutes trying to figure out what went wrong…  then the browser internet explorer, email settings and other icons from operator services appear! So be patient if you come across this.

2. Desktop Manager Error

When we tried to restore date to our NEW Blackberry from desktop manager, our desktop manager (DM), DM keeps showing “error messages” on connection and forced to shut down the application. We tried closing and opening the application again for several times, connect and reconnect the DM error will not go away, all it shows was the DM application needs to close, report to Microsoft…

We even tried to turn off and restart our computer and the error keeps coming up. We thought maybe our desktop manager 5.0.1 is not compatible with Onyx but it worked well with Bold and Jav.

Until we suddenly noticed an icon reading Blackberry Desktop Manager 5.0.1 update available 29mb in system tray after the restart. Is it a coincidence? Or Onyx do need a new updated desktop manager? After the DM upgrade, then Onyx was connected successfully to restore data to the new Onyx.

We do hope that you will not encounter this problem when switching devices, however, if you do, you already know how to deal with it!

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Upgrade OS OTA

Friday, January 1st, 2010

Cara Upgrade / Update Operating System (OS) Blackberry dari handheld anda (OTA)

Ingin upgrade OS Blackberry anda dengan versi terbaru secara OTA tanpa menggunakan desktop manager?

Ke Options – Advance Options – Wireless Update

Akan muncul keterangan:

The wireless update process consists of three steps:
Requesting the new software, downloading the software, and then updating the software on your Blackberry device.

Klik “Next”

Akan muncul “available updates”
Current version is ( versi software OS anda)


Check for Updates

NB: cara wireless update akan upgrade software OS yang resmi release oleh RIM sesuai dengan operator BIS anda” belum tentu software yang terbaru secara global.

Jika anda ingin upgrade dengan OS5 Leak untuk handheld anda yang masih OS4 baca Cara upgrade OS5 di:

Cara Upgrade OS 5 Leak Blackberry

Blackberry Tips copyright
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Tour 9630 OS Downloads

Monday, December 28th, 2009

Blackberry Tour 9630 OS Downloads

Here is a list of latest and previous versions of OS / Operating System software for Blackberry Tour 9630

You can find leak versions of the latest OS5 or previous official versions to download and install in your Blackberry device.

For more information on how to use these, please read cara upgrade your OS or how to install leak versions of OS

Download OS for Blackberry Tour 9630

9630-230.exe 11-Nov-2009 13:36 115M
9630- 13-Dec-2009 08:31 119M
9630AMEA_PBr4.7.1_rel117_PL4.1.0.75_A4.7.1.61_Bluegrass_Cellular.exe 23-Nov-2009 09:59 102M
9630AMEA_PBr4.7.1_rel121_PL4.1.0.78_A4.7.1.65_CBeyond.exe 03-Dec-2009 00:22 102M
9700M_PBr5.0.0_rel678_PL5.1.0.116_A5.0.0.421.exe 13-Dec-2009 04:23 131M

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Bold 9000 OS Download

Monday, December 28th, 2009

Blackberry Bold 9000 OS Downloads

Here is a list of latest and previous versions of OS / Operating System software for Blackberry Bold 9000

You can find leak versions of the latest OS5 or previous official versions to download and install in your Blackberry device.

For more information on how to use these, please read cara upgrade your OS or how to install leak versions of OS

Download OS for Blackberry Bold 9000

9000- 09-Dec-2009 13:08 117M
90005.0.0.90.exe 14-Apr-2009 14:41 115M
9000AllLang_PBr4.6.0_rel391_PL4.0.0.192_A4.6.0.228.exe 29-Jan-2009 02:46 112M
9000AllLang_PBr4.6.0_rel401_PL4.0.0.196_A4.6.0.234.exe 05-Feb-2009 08:22 112M
9000AllLang_PBr4.6.0_rel405_PL4.0.0.197_A4.6.0.237.exe 19-Feb-2009 10:36 112M
9000AllLang_PBr4.6.0_rel418_PL4.0.0.206_A4.6.0.247.exe 08-Mar-2009 17:42 112M
9000M_PBr4.6.0_rel331_PL4.0.0.172_A4.6.0.190.exe 07-Jan-2009 11:51 94M
9000M_PBr4.6.0_rel477_PL4.0.0.235_A4.6.0.282_Rogers_Wireless_Inc_2.exe 12-Oct-2009 11:15 97M
9000M_PBr4.6.0_rel499_PL4.0.0.183_A4.6.0.291.exe 02-Aug-2009 14:07 96M
9000M_PBr4.6.0_rel508_PL4.0.0.243_A4.6.0.297_AT_amp_T.exe 12-Oct-2009 12:28 97M
9000M_PBr4.6.0_rel513_PL4.0.0.245_A4.6.0.301.exe 06-Oct-2009 15:13 97M
9000M_PBr4.6.0_rel518_PL4.0.0.248_A4.6.0.303_MobiTel_Bulgaria.exe 12-Oct-2009 05:31 97M
9000M_PBr4.6.0_rel519_PL4.0.0.247_A4.6.0.304_AT_amp_T.exe 13-Nov-2009 13:50 97M
9000M_PBr5.0.0_rel366_PL5.2.0.14_A5.0.0.238.exe 30-Sep-2009 05:27 133M
9000M_PBr5.0.0_rel489_PL5.2.0.19_A5.0.0.314.exe 24-Oct-2009 04:57 136M
9000M_PBr5.0.0_rel546_PL5.2.0.23_A5.0.0.348.exe 12-Nov-2009 13:49 112M
9000M_PBr5.0.0_rel91_PL4.3.0.16_A5.0.0.90.exe 10-Apr-2009 20:45 115M
9000M_Pbr5.0.0_rel95_PL4.3.0.19_A5.0.0.93.exe 08-May-2009 14:35 115M
9000jEastAsia_PBr4.6.0_rel292_PL4.0.0.155_A4.6.0.162_Indosat.exe 28-Oct-2008 08:49 95M
9000jEastAsia_PBr4.6.0_rel331_PL4.0.0.172_A4.6.0.190_Telkomsel.exe 23-Dec-2008 23:32 95M
9000jEastAsia_PBr4.6.0_rel365_PL4.0.0.183_A4.6.0.216.exe 23-Dec-2008 23:31 97M
9000jEastAsia_PBr4.6.0_rel365_PL4.0.0.183_A4.6.0.216_Indosat.rar 09-Jan-2009 21:31 93M
9000jEastAsia_PBr4.6.0_rel415_PL4.0.0.204_A4.6.0.245.exe 02-Mar-2009 14:29 97M
9000jEastAsia_PBr4.6.0_rel418_PL4.0.0.206_A4.6.0.247_Indosat.exe 02-Apr-2009 20:52 98M
9000jEastAsia_PBr4.6.0_rel418_PL4.0.0.206_A4.6.0.247_Telkomsel.exe 07-May-2009 17:21 98M
9000jEastAsia_PBr4.6.0_rel418_PL4.0.0.206_A4.6.0.247_XL.exe 09-Dec-2009 14:07 98M
9000jEastAsia_PBr4.6.0_rel451_PL4.0.0.223_A4.6.0.266.exe 18-Apr-2009 12:39 98M
9000jEastAsia_PBr4.6.0_rel451_PL4.0.0.223_A4.6.0.266_Indosat.exe 10-Jun-2009 10:11 98M
9000jEastAsia_PBr4.6.0_rel451_PL4.0.0.223_A4.6.0.266_Telkomsel.exe 10-May-2009 01:57 98M
9000jEastAsia_PBr4.6.0_rel451_PL4.0.0.223_A4.6.0.266_XL_Indonesia__Non_Vodafone_.exe 13-Dec-2009 10:28 98M
9000jEastAsia_PBr4.6.0_rel477_PL4.0.0.235_A4.6.0.282_CSL_Limited_customers.exe 22-Jun-2009 23:00 98M
9000jEastAsia_PBr4.6.0_rel518_PL4.0.0.248_A4.6.0.303_AXIS_Indonesia.exe 04-Nov-2009 05:51 98M
9000jEastAsia_PBr4.6.0_rel518_PL4.0.0.248_A4.6.0.303_Indosat.exe 12-Nov-2009 07:04 98M
Hybrid 9000_5.0.0.238 v5.exe 09-Dec-2009 15:36 69M

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Official OS 5 Coming Soon

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

Blackberry News: OS 5 official akan segera di release mudah mudahan minggu depan.

There is only 1 week left until RIM promised us that OS 5.0 would be available. It would be great if its still coming but with only a week left you have to wonder if they can do it. Also, given this is the holidays, they are surely short staffed.

According to the official word that Kevin got from RIM:

The roll out process has begun for BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 with the recent beta release of BlackBerry JDE 5.0 (BlackBerry Java Development Environment 5.0) to BlackBerry Developer Zone at to prepare the BlackBerry developer community for pending device software releases. As can be expected, BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 will follow before the end of the year, as referenced in the RIM Launches BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0? press release that was issued at WES 2009.

The official statement doesnt tell us what devices will receive OS 5, but rather vaguely states that it will be available. One would have to assume that this would include the 9000, and the 83xx series at the very least.

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Untuk yang tidak bisa menunggu, Baca Cara Upgrade O5 Leak V5 dan versi mana yang stabil yang di gunakan di:

Berita Blackberry terkini, browse ke Blackberry News

Untuk yg masih blm daftar,
Mohon daftar email utk terima setiap updates ? terbaru di

Atau roll over email dibawah, tekan trackball kirim email kosong ke

OS 5 Resmi untuk Storm

Friday, December 25th, 2009

OS 5 Resmi Tersedia untuk Storm 9530 oleh Operator MTS Mobility

MTS Mobility Officially release OS 5 for Blackberry Storm 9530, Download at MTS Blackberry website.

Operator MTS Mobility telah release secara resmi OS untuk Blackberry Storm Odin 9530

Walaupun ini merupakan OS BlackBerry yang dirilis oleh operator MTS Mobility, pengguna BlackBerry 9530 operator lainnya termasuk operator BIS Indonesia masih bisa menggunakannya. Caranya menghapus file vendor.xml pada PC pada saat install.

Download OS 5 di Halaman BlackBerry untuk MTS Mobility

(tidak bisa download OTA, harus download lewat PC)

Baca cara install Upgrade OS 5

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Important: Update Your BBM NOW

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

Blackberry Outages Down Karena Blackberry Messenger

Segera Update BBM anda ke versi

Jika anda masih menggunakan BBM b dan, di sarankan untuk segera update BBM anda ke versi terbaru v 5.0.057 karena kedua versi terakhir yang membuat server RIM jadi Lemot dengan error yang telah dilaporkan di post kami sebelumnya BBM Lemot

Anda juga pasti telah menerima urgent messages dari RIM untuk minta upgrade termasuk notifications di BBM untuk minta segera upgrade.

Ini dia berita terbaru mengenai BBM lemot di ComputerWorld yang pastikan bawah masalah gangguan Blackberry ada di BBM versi 55-56.

CIO –  BlackBerry smartphone users in North America yesterday experienced one of the longest and most significant BlackBerry outages in recent years. BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion (RIM) appears to have resolved the problem, service is mostly restored and though the company was tight-lipped on potential causes yesterday, I just got the following statement from RIM:

“A service interruption occurred Tuesday that affected BlackBerry customers in the Americas. Message delivery was delayed or intermittent during the service interruption. Phone service and SMS services on BlackBerry smartphones were unaffected. Root cause is currently under review, but based on preliminary analysis, it currently appears that the issue stemmed from a flaw in two recently released versions of BlackBerry Messenger (versions and that caused an unanticipated database issue within the BlackBerry infrastructure. RIM has taken corrective action to restore service.

“RIM has also provided a new version of BlackBerry Messenger (version and is encouraging anyone who downloaded or upgraded BlackBerry Messenger since December 14th to upgrade to this latest version which resolves the issue. RIM continues to monitor its systems to maintain normal service levels and apologizes for any inconvenience to customers.”

So it looks like the two recent BlackBerry Messenger updates are the culprit behind yesterday’s BlackBerry service outage. If you’re running either of the problem-versions, you should update your software immediately via BlackBerry App World or at using your BlackBerry Browser.

The outage is the second major North American BlackBerry service disruption for RIM and its customers in a week’s time. The occurrence of two major BlackBerry outages so close together is uncommon, and RIM typically prides itself on near-perfect uptime statistics. I can’t help but wonder if the first outage earlier this week is somehow connected to yesterday’s fiasco, but RIM isn’t providing any additional information at this point.

Namanya masalahnya di BBM maka outage error ini tidak hanya pengaruh ke America tetapi ke seluruh dunia! Termasuk Asia yang mengalami Error di Blackberry Messenger

Jadi yang pastinya kalau anda masih mengalami gangguan layanan BBM, ini berarti RIM masih belum operational dengan lancar 100%, sabar dan ajak teman teman anda upgrade BBM mereka ke versi terbaru untuk memastikan server RIM dapat operational dengan lancar.

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Berita Blackberry terkini, selalu browse ke Blackberry News

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BBM New Update

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

New Update Official Blackberry Messenger Release v

RIM has updates its BBM 5 again after several release in the past month.

This is what RIM has announced of the new update:

Battery life has been improved with the latest BlackBerry® Messenger. This version also addresses some of the issues identified in BlackBerry Messenger – 5.0.056 , such as file transfer not working or working slowly, no file preview, and file transfer requests expiring after a short period of time.

This version does not include any new features. The Check Spelling As You Type feature has been restored for all devices.

Setelah beberapa kali update BBM 5 resmi, ini dia di update lagi hari ini oleh RIM setelah banyak keluhan BBM Lemot dan BBM Notifications Error. Semoga BBM update terbaru ini dapat fix bugs.

Menurut RIM, selain fix bugs transfer file, bbm lemot, pesan tak terkirim atau lambat, versi terbaru ini juga lebih irit batterai! Wow!

Contacts Hilang Gak?

Ini yang sering ditanya. contacts hilang gak? Pada saat kami upgrade, semua contacts tidak hilang, tetapi TETAP Jangan lupa back up contacts list anda sebelum upgrade untuk menghindari hal yang tidak diinginkan, kami punya lancar bukan berarti semua lancar. Yang belum tau caranya, baca Cara backup BBM contacts list  di BBM 5

BBM saya Versi APA yah?

Bingung BBM anda versi apa? Sewaktu anda klik link download dibawah akan diberitahu versi BBM yang terinstal di BB anda. Atau cara cek versi aplikasi anda: Ke Options – Advance Options – Applications, cari Blackberry Messenger

Apa Saya Harus Upgrade?

Di sarankan upgrade seperti di umumkan oleh RIM, kenapa tidak? Kadang kami juga bingung menerima pertanyaan kenapa saya harus upgrade? Kalau ada versi yang baru resmi release oleh RIM kenapa tidak?

Apakah Versi ini RESMI?

Iya. Bisa dilihat di link download itu resmi dari website Blackberry.

Error Bugs yang di Laporkan

Ternyata masih ada beberapa isu error yang dilaporkan (baca di bagian komentar dibawah) seperti:

  • status tidak terupdate,
  • foto profile tidak terupdate
  • atau pending invites

Itu hal yang normal, bukan karena anda upgrade ke BBM57 terjadi begini, ini dikarenakan anda melakukan upgrade dan ping/synchron ulang ke server RIM dan perlu waktu untuk synchron total. Coba saja downgrade kembali, dan hal yang sama tetap terjadi. Jadi sabarlah, anda bisa baca berita kenapa BBM lemot dan error kemarin

Error: Notifications BBM muncul, setelah baca tidak Hilang

Ada yang melaporkan masalah adanya notifications BBM muncul di home screen, setelah baca, notifications tetap ada dan tidak hilang.

Kalau anda mengalami masalah ini, pastikan apakah notifications itu dari BBM – Blackberry Groups dan apakah anda baca dari folder utama “MESSAGES”, sekarang ke BBM anda, buka blackberry groups chat yang punya notifications dan notifications akan hilang. Notifications dari chat BBM Blackberry Groups tetap tampil kalau baca dari folder messages. Dengan BBM , anda bisa matikan blackberry groups notifications di group profile options. Silakan coba.

Kalau masih tidak hilang ini dikarenakan , pada saat anda upgrade BBM terbaru, ada messages BBM yang masih unread (belum kebaca) maka notifications masih “hang” disitu.


Solusinya hanya bisa coba delete dan reinstall BBM. Delete dari options-advance options-applications, cari BBM dan klik delete, lalu restart /reboot, dan setelah reboot install ulang dengan download link tersebut dibawah dan reboot lagi:

Isu Versi Lainnya…

Kemarin kami menerima pertanyaan isunya ada versi BBM 6.0.66! Kalau menerima isu berita aneh aneh, check aja di 🙂 Kalau link nya resmi dari Blackberry, coba aja klik untuk mengecek apakah versi itu terbaru. Link tersebut dibawah akan instal versi terbaru walaupun sudah lebih baru daripada v

Download the latest version update from v 5.0.056 to v 5.0.057 at

Indahnya Berbagi…

NB Jangan lupa daftar email anda untuk updates dan news terbaru

Untuk berita Blackberry terkini browse ke

Update: barusan kami menerima message ke BBM dari RIM:

A new version of BlackBerry® Messenger software is now available. If you are currently running version or of BlackBerry Messenger, please upgrade to version as soon as possible. This version addresses issues with versions and

To download the most current version of BlackBerry Messenger software, please visit and follow the on-screen instructions. Please note that the software update is available free of charge, however downloading and using applications over the wireless network may incur data usage charges depending on your service plan. Please check with your airtime service provider for information about service costs.  If you have any questions about this update, please visit

Thank you,
Research In Motion Limited

Uber Twitter Pre-Release Beta 6

Monday, December 21st, 2009

Download latest New UberTwitter Pre-release version Beta 6

Uber Twitter sebuah applikasi Twitter untuk Blackberry dimana anda bisa tweet lewat Blackberry handheld. Kalau anda masih belum menggunakan Twitter, kunjungi dan sign up account Gratis.

Contoh Twitter @BerryIndo adalah

NOTE: Versi ini adalah v 0.932 yang sudah pernah diposting sebelumnya.

The first list of features is available in the ‘rogue’ release, the rest we’ll be working on:

  • *Lists, Lists, Lists!!!* – You can create, delete, subscribe, add members, view members, all the functionality you would expect of an Über mobile client!
  • *Find People* – You can search for people, just like the ‘Find People’ link on Twitter’s home page.
  • *New Icon* – We love it!
  • *Über Bar* – We couldn’t resist the name! This is a tab bar at the top of the screen, the neat thing is that you can add your own tabs! A list can be a tab, a saved search, and later other types of timelines.

The following features are still being worked and we hope to get them into the final Beta-6 release

  • *Retweets* – We will support the old method and new method, you decide!
  • *Saved Searches* – Fully integrated with Twitter’s saved search capability.
  • *Update Twitter Profile* – Yes, you will be able to update your Twitter profile directly from your phone.
  • *Profile Picture* – We have heard you, we will allow you to upload a picture for your Twitter avatar right from your phone!
  • *Report Spam* – One menu selection to report a tweet as a spam, and optionally block the user.
  • *Twitter Geo-Tagging* – We will directly support Twitter’s new geo-tagging capability. You can decide whether to still use myloc.meURLs, Twitter Geo-Tagging, or both!
  • *Twitter name menu* – Type ‘@’ and a list of your friends automatically pops up allowing selection
  • *Larger Avatars* – Click the profile picture, and view a larger version!
  • plus other Various bug fixes.

The first pre-release for Beta-6 can be downloaded here:

Twitter apps Blackberry lainnya anda bisa search Twitter di kotak search diatas kanan web ini. UberTwitter adalah app yang kami gunakan 🙂 dan ada di list 25 Best Free Blackberry Applications

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Share ke teman Twitter Blackberry anda dengan copy paste URL dibawah

Uber Twitter Pre-Release Beta 6 for Blackberry

New Yahoo Messenger AOL GTalk MSN v 2.5.32

Friday, December 18th, 2009

New Instant Messengers Yahoo MSN AOL and Gtalk 2.5.32

New Messengers Update for Yahoo Gtalk MSN Live Messenger and AOL Instant Messenger from v 2.5.30 to v 2.5.32

Official BlackBerry RIM update

BlackBerry telah release official update untuk instant messenger Yahoo, Gtalk dan MSN ke V2.5.32 dari versi sebelumnya yaitu v 2.5.30

Apa bedanya dengan versi lama?
Tidak terlalu banyak bedanya, hanya fix bugs.

Untuk sementara, update messengers hanya tersedia di Blackberry appworld, anda harus punya Blackberry appworld untuk download dan install updates.

Silakan klik untuk download BlackberryAppworld

Setelah download appworld, anda bisa browse dan cari applikasi Yahoo Messenger v 2.5.32 atau klik link dibawah jika anda sudah punya appworld

Download YahooMessenger in BlackberryAppworld

Download Windows Live Messenger in BlackberryAppworld

Download Google Talk in BlackberryAppworld

Download AOL Messenger in BlackberryAppworld

Jangan lupa kalau ketemu masalah setelah Download, coba reset blackberry handheld. Untuk memastikan instal yang bersih, hapus dulu aplikasi lama sebelum instal dengan delete applications.

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New Yahoo Messenger AOL GTalk MSN v 2.5.32